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User Info: ChainedDarkness

9 years ago#1
Welcome to the Fable 2 Alignment Guide

The goal of the Fable 2 Alignment Guide is to educate you on all the possible outcomes of a Fable 2 character, while explaining what we know thus far about the systems put in place. So lets get to it.

The Alignments

--Good and Evil and Neutral--

Good and Evil has returned from the original Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters.

Good points are earned for completing quests that help the people of the world, and not it's monsters. Not much has changed, but it does seem that a larger scale has been put on the Morphs that you character will undertake, to the point of drastic changes in the end.

Evil points can be obtained by murder of the citizens of Albion or by completing marked Evil quests. The Morphs seem to be drastically different in the end as well for Evil.

Neutrality is obtained by doing enough of each side to stay in the middle, or non at all. This seems to have no single Morphs, but added in with the rest of the Alignments your overall outcome should be different.

--Purity and Corruption--

Purity and Corruption is the first of many new Alignments in Fable 2. This Alignment affects character Posture, and will add to further Morphs done by other Alignments.

Purity is obtained by doing things such as not drinking, not cheating on your spouse, and not having more than one spouse. It's overall being a good person to yourself, and others. Things such as the expressions will most likely be used to increase Purity. By making friends and treating them well you could possibly go up in Purity points. Being Pure will affect later Morphs.

Corruption can be gotten through acts such as stealing, having more than one spouse, and cheating on them. Doing overall bad things that aren't deadly or harmful will get you Corruption. Using the expressions to fart on somebody repeatedly while they become more angry could be seen as Corruption. It will affect later Morphs.

--Kindness and Cruelty--

Kindness and Cruelty will most likely affect what people think of you. It is unknown how this will affect character morphing, but chances are, it will in some way. Not much has been released on this Alignment, but some information has surfaced throughout videos, tidbits.

Kindness can be obtained through things like buying people presents, and being nice to them. Having a friendly conversation with somebody through expressions, then to end it with them walking away liking you will most likely give you Kindness points. It is expected to affect Physical Morphs, but that is not confirmed. I would imagine situations will arise in the game where you can stick up for somebody, or help somebody. This would give you Kindness points.

Cruelty is obtained by doing cruel or obscene things. Things such as beating your wife would be seen as Cruelty, or possibly hitting another person who has befriended you. As with Kindness, it is expected that situations will be presented to you along the way that will require you to choose a path, and one of those paths would give you Cruelty points. It is expected to affect Physical Morphs, but it has not been confirmed.

(Continued below)

User Info: ChainedDarkness

9 years ago#2
--Wealthy and Poor--

Wealthy and Poor is an interesting one. Not much is known. A few details have come up and they are discussed below.

Wealth is obtained through a large sum of money. Once you obtain this, you can start to invest in shops, houses and other areas, and make more money. The more wealthy you are, the more people will acknowledge it. If you are wealthy enough to buy a castle, people might start treating you like royalty. It is not known how this will affect Physical Morphs, or if it even will.

A Poor character is one with little to no money, or who is in debt. It seems to be the opposite of Wealthy where NPCs will acknowledge your poverty and either laugh at you or pity you. As with Wealth, it is unknown how it will affect Morphing, or if it will.

--Mind and Body--

Mind and Body is a direct tie in with combat and how you fight. Depending on your choices in combat, and what you want to specialize in, your look will change, and you will Morph accordingly.

Mind is directly linked to Magic. The prolonged use of Magic, and leveling it up a great deal will possibly cause your character to have some significant changes, such as tattoos glowing. Mind is also believed to be linked to Ranged in a way, but not completely.

Body is directly linked to physical combat. The act of fighting up close and personal with weapons held in the hands, or you fists. If you choose to have a Sword fighter, you character will change accordingly. If you wield big swords, your character will change to show that. Body is also believed to be linked to Ranged combat in a way.

Re-Playability and Outcomes

The game has a ton of re-playability with these options. They can all be mixed and matched

Purity and Corruption
Kindness and Cruelty
Mind and Body
Wealthy and Poor
Good and Evil and Neutral

Thats well over 30+ combinations to play as. All with some kind of change in the world, whether it be a lumbering Axe wielding Pure Evil, Rich Maniac, Good Guy or a sneaky little Corrupted, Magic User, dirt Poor, and Evil to the bones.

The possibilities aren't endless, but they are enough for everyone to have they own unique play style, and for those who are looking for to play multiple times, there is your reason right there.

In Conclusion

I would like to thank anybody who has posted about this and given me information, and I would like to say: Your welcome to whomever this guide educates on Fable 2's Alignments.

Please Request a Sticky and Keep Bumped!
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User Info: The_Schiester

9 years ago#3
Hah! I got one of the first posts! Good I've been wondering what the difference was between all the new good and evil type things. I'd request a sticky, but I'm not sure how or that I even can because I'm only a 15.

User Info: ChainedDarkness

9 years ago#4
Yeah, in order to request a sticky you have to be Level 31: Veteran and click on the first posts Message detail. It's somewhere on there. I'm not 31 on this account but I requested it on my other one.
''Realy r u that stoopid dood u cant even spel!'' - Querzo923
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User Info: Ubergrim3

9 years ago#5
mind and body? cite your sources please.
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User Info: ChainedDarkness

9 years ago#6
I took it from a video with Peter playing, he directly said something along the lines of "In Fable 2 your character levels up, and his body changes, or his mind if you use a lot of magic, and it affects how you look."

I took that as an not a direct Alignment, but something that changes the morphs or the outcome of your character, directly.

But hang on. It's been awhile since I've seen the video, let me try to find it. I believe it was the video where he was taking questions from the crowd, well one of them, but this one the camera man was pissing me off, he kept looking away from Fable 2 and directly at Peter lol.

Give me a few minutes.
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''God I love GameFAQs, only here will you find this.'' - Me

User Info: Advanced_Koko8

9 years ago#7
Uh, this is good and all but can you please tell us the source..
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User Info: ChainedDarkness

9 years ago#8
Ok, I didn't copy and paste this from anywhere if thats what your getting it. I wrote this up from my time waiting for this game, and watching every video I could load on my computer and listening to everything PM says. Everything on here except Mind and Body is giving me a hard time to find.

It's in ONE video. It's not a ACTUAL Alignment, but it does change the way your character looks, like it did in Fable 1, except this time it is automatic it seems, atleast the way Peter said it in this video that I'm trying to find.

If you asking me to post videos to each everyone one of these things, no. Google can help you, GameSpot, Gametrailers and numerous other websites can help with that, but for sake of the guy who asked, I will try to find the Mind and Body thing. He didn't say "Oh and we have implemented a Mind and Body meter." he said something similar to what I wrote above.

It was around 3 minutes long, he was hard to hear in the video and it was one of the FEW videos where he didn't constantly say "um" every two words lol.

Still looking.
''Realy r u that stoopid dood u cant even spel!'' - Querzo923
''God I love GameFAQs, only here will you find this.'' - Me

User Info: Krellian00

9 years ago#9
I don't think the TC is referring to all of these categories as black and white meters like the good/evil, purity/corruption, etc. He's just giving lists as too what things will effect your characters appearance.

In others words, there is no mind/body bar. Just decisions you choose in battle that will affect your characters appearance.
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User Info: ChainedDarkness

9 years ago#10
Hmm, well, I'm stupid.

Go watch the first trailer.

Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0MMruG-3Fw

The first thing she mentions about paths is Mind and Body lol.

But I STILL can't find the video of Peter actually saying it, but this is good enough.
''Realy r u that stoopid dood u cant even spel!'' - Querzo923
''God I love GameFAQs, only here will you find this.'' - Me
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