Gargoyle Quest Locations (find them here, + help needed)

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User Info: TheRealDez

9 years ago#1
Okay I thought of starting a Gargoyle thread for locations.

I'm searching around now and only have ''7'' so please contribute.

You will recognize them when they speak to you in an Irish accent.
Shoot them to get them (I think you need lvl. 2 accuracy or something for it)

* You can see how many are left in an area in your logbook
* Getting 10 opens a door in the Gargoyle's Grove.
* 4 doors for (10, 20, 30 and 40 Gargoyle's).
* All 50 Gargoyle's will unlock the bridge of light to get to the chest.
* Chest contains a crossbow called ''The Rammer'' with 119 damage.
* Gargoyle's Grove is located in the water right under the bridge in Bowerstone Market


* Bowerstone Market
Furniture store on the first floor (right above the door)

* Bowerstone Market
Under the bridge, when you enter town take the road under it on the left. Walk through until you stand near the wall which is directly under the store. You should see it.

* Bloodstone
When you walk to the boathouse go under the slope which lets the boat into the water. Turn right and between the two buildings you can aim up to an house with the Gargoyle on it.

* Bloodstone
Like the first one, walk under the slope where the ships are let into the water. Continue the dock to the crane, it should rest on the side of it.

* Bandit Coast
Before entering the Bandit's Camp walk down where you came from until you can see a fire on a road slightly lower then where you are standing on the cliff on the right. Walk past the fire until you find a room with a chest, on the left from the chest it rests.

*Fairfax Castle
((You need to buy the castle and end the game before being able to get this one))
Enter the library and walk up the balcony a little, turn around and it should be right above the door you previously entered.

*Brightwood Tower
((You need to beat the game and buy it before being able to get this one))
Sleep in the bed and it should transport you into another dimension where you can find the Gargoyle.

PLease contribute if possible, hopefully we will have the full list in no time.

User Info: zombiekiller13

9 years ago#2
I did not see the gargoyle at the furniture store. I keep hearing it taunting me, though.
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User Info: Zephronite

9 years ago#3
The one in the Guild Cave is somewhere in the room where you swim about to get notes, its's hard to describe the location.

User Info: devest

9 years ago#4
Old town. on the left side on the Warehouse, on the wooden tower

User Info: devest

9 years ago#5
the furniture store in located in the top floor inside

User Info: devest

9 years ago#6
Bowerstone Lake
if you look on the map you will see the water/river in the bottom center. the gargoyle is on the west bank just south of the bridge

User Info: icabezudo

9 years ago#7
Bowerstone Market: Just as you enter the town, hug the right wall, your dog should key in on a treasure. Go grab that, then go up the stairs, follow the walkway and get two more treasures. At the end of the walkway there is a gargoyle on the last arch.

Bower Lake: Make your way to the top of the waterfall, there is a gargoyel on the bank of the 'stream' feeding the waterfall.

User Info: Nyte_Kros

9 years ago#8
Bump and can someone sticky this?
Gamertag: Kroskin

User Info: Nyte_Kros

9 years ago#9
Gamertag: Kroskin

User Info: Morfind

9 years ago#10
Bowerstone Lake the path towards the city to your left near a waterwall. Past the hippie camp.
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