Major Fable 2 Glitches FAQ - the final version

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User Info: White Wolf Kiba

White Wolf Kiba
8 years ago#1
As the other topic is quite a mess I'm going to make this the main collection of Fable 2 glitches topic, hopefully solutions on how to resolve or avoid these glitches will be be posted here IF it's even possible to avoid them.

First things first, backup your save file, for some of these bugs and glitches are game breaking.
Backup your save to a memory card if possible

Now lets go over all the bugs and glitches I've collected so far

- Game breaking glitch - GBG
- Annoyance, can ruin your role playing big time - ANN
- Minor insignificant glitch - MIG

These are the glitches posted by me and others in the original topic, please post more if you encounter any

Wiper Glitch GBG/ANN- posted by Azura20
- Do NOT enter in co-op with your high level character into someone's childhood-phase game, it will wipe your character's experience, abilities and everything

Glitched Wife/Family - ANN
Every Wife in the game can glitch up, thought whether the wife or the house she lives in actually messes up isn't certain, but one of the two, or perhaps both end up messing up and there is nothing you can do about it.
- If your wife suddently starts complaining she hates the house and you should move, check your budget, if it's set to 0 thought luck you glitched. Even if you try changing your budget to something other than 0 it will revert back to 0 once you exit the daily budget window. This is the reason for all those random divorces people have been having.

- Moving houses is not an option though you're welcome to try it and hope for the best, if the wedding cutscene doesn't play when you move houses you're fine, if it does you're screwed.
- If you see the wedding cutscene when moving houses it means that your wife duplicated herself, if both wives are on different maps you may end up with two copies of the same wife, if they're both on the same map you'll only be able to see and interact with one. However, in both cases you'll have twi copies of your wife in the Families tab and you'll have 2 Families listed.

- If you have a kid, this can mess up your kid as well, make them unresponsive and pretty much a useless, inanimate object that won't react to anything or move.

- To potentially avoid this glitch, try not to save inside your house because from what I can tell that's what caused the glitch for me both times, though i could be wrong.

6 Gold Coins as a kid GBG - posted by various users, I personally haven't experienced it

- The quest where Monty wants to marry Whatsherface and you have to deliver a letter to her can mess you up.
- If both the mother and daughter are close to one another when you hand the letter in, you'll end up with 1 extra gold coin, if you have 6 gold coins at the end of the childhood phase you won't be able to talk to the merchant selling the music box and will have to restart your game.

To avoid this glitch simply make sure that the mother and daughter are both as far away from each other as possible (daughter on the top floor, mom on the bottom) and give the letter to whichever one you see fit

User Info: ProfanaT

8 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: White Wolf Kiba

White Wolf Kiba
8 years ago#3
Bloodstone/Hero of Skill renown glitch GBG - posted by LadyMazy I personally

haven't experienced it
This is near the end of the game so if you get it, it's very serious and game breaking.

- To talk to the quest character you need a certain amount of renown apparently, don't know how much, but if this happens to you, no matter how much renown you try
to get to be able to talk to this key character it won't matter because the game won't detect any of it for the quest. If you do go to talk to the character eventually all you'll get would be a skip conversation prompt and after that your
character will be unable to take his weapons out, interact with anyone or purchase
shops, leave town etc.
- To potentially avoid this glitch rack up as much renown as humanly possible before reaching this point in the game, because if you have lots of renown you won't
have to do the part of the quest where you need more renown to talk to the quest character.

Disappearing fat women MIG
As you know, the world is affected by your action, so after certain events in the
game if you decided to do some good things a new place will open up, this place may
end up having glitched NPC's.

- I've had two fat women disappear in front of my eyes, I could still bump into them
and their hearts were visible floating in mid-air like that, but the women wouldn't
show up unless I started interacting with them
- Now one of the two women, the one with brown hair just stands there by the water talking to herself and you can't interact with her or anything.
- This glitch can't be avoided and it may or may not happen, don't bother avoiding it, the women are fat and ugly and not even worth marrying so don't worry about it

- Dog Glitch - ANN
- Your dog may glitch, get stuck in a body of water and you might not be able to get it out, whether he eventually follows or not I don't know.
To potentially avoid this glitch try not to take a hurt dog close to water, seems that caused the glitch for me

User Info: White Wolf Kiba

White Wolf Kiba
8 years ago#4
-Vile Saint ANN/MIG
- I went from 100% Good and 100% Pure to around 95% Evil and 100% Pure
- Tried leaving Bloodstone when there was still no way out, the game said it has to load a previous state
- I found myself in Bowerstone with my evil character and a halo over his head
- I didn't save, but after that every time I'd load my game the character would have a HALO over his head for one or two loading screens, then it'd disappear.
- My character is good again, not 100% good, but the dog is brownish now and he shouldn't have a Halo yet, but still, every time i load my game the halo shows up
for one or two maps.
Dunno if this can be avoided, try not to change alignments with one character too much if it bothers you

- Superman Glitch GBG? - posted by various users I haven't experienced it myself
- Your character may get stuck in his swimming animation, if this happens you'll be floating around like that, you'll still be able to attack, interact with people and everything, but apparently this starts causing problems the more you play, it doesn't go away when you change maps.
- To potentially avoid this problem try not to make sudden movements when jumping in water/diving in, wait for the hero to "settle down" in the water before going out or moving around, give it a second or two

DiabloGalyin493 | Posted 10/23/2008 10:47:11 AM | message detail
I posted this earlier in a topic but this one is tagged so it will get more attention for people who may need it however unlikely you will get into this scenario I dont knowBut after you beat The Crucible and go to the archery quest you can get past the guy and stand on the platform where your normally would just shoot during the quest I figured maybe something is hidden back in there tryed to valut but didn't do it so I was tired of the game and saved and quit now I float around no matter what, I can change area's and my game is having numerous problems with readings signs, so DON'T

- Oldboy MIG
- at a certain point in the game you choose whether you want to age or not, chances are you'll only be old for the first few loading screens and then revert back to your young self, at least that's what happened to me.

Sleep lag MIG
- If you sleep in a house twice in a row, you might experience some weird lag afterwords, either save and quit and reload or wait for it to go away
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User Info: 6speednissan

8 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: White Wolf Kiba

White Wolf Kiba
8 years ago#6
ProfanaT, dude please delete that post
Well that's all the bugs I have collected for now, feel free to post more

also request a sticky, I did
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User Info: AllSystemsGo

8 years ago#7
Forgot to mention one of the biggest GBG I've seen on the board and even encountered myself. The Ritual quest where you talk to the Abbot is glitched. If you start listening to him talk, but don't go into the quest circle at that exact time, you can never get him to talk to you. Freezes the game's plot and theres nothing you can do to fix it. Make sure you talk to the Abbot as soon as you hear him talking to avoid this.

User Info: ProfanaT

8 years ago#8
okay what I want to know..

OTHER than the henchman thing and crappy camera..

Co op works? like if me and my friend are both adults we wont loose XP, gold, equip, etc???

i know it happens if I go into a friends child phase game, but if we are both adults it works??


id stickied but i was just asking about that ?? cause i have been getting mixed responses about that question.. thanks!!
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User Info: White Wolf Kiba

White Wolf Kiba
8 years ago#9
I honestly don't know man, since I don't play online, but from what I uderstand co op works fine, but it's just lame
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User Info: Chr0noid

8 years ago#10
Don't forget the glitch I just ran into. Time never goes by unless you travel somewhere.
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