what did u guys do with the dark seal?spoiler

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User Info: tizzyraw

8 years ago#1
Did u keep it or did u give it to the young lady be side u?

User Info: sheridanmoviegu

8 years ago#2
I liked my looks. She got old. I felt kind of bad but...that's what you get for reading out of strange books, girl.
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User Info: Unchainedterror

8 years ago#3

I would have given it to the girl, but I misunderstood the question and screwed up.

Me: Wait.....what do I do?

*gets real old with weird eyes.*


User Info: Mr Penguin 007

Mr Penguin 007
8 years ago#4
What are the consequences for giving the Dark Seal yourself?
Do you get older? If so, how old?
Do you get scars? If so, how many?
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User Info: WarpedGamer

8 years ago#5
You get old, and you get red eyes.
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User Info: soultaker9639

8 years ago#6
I wanted to glowing red eyes... so I kept the seal. I looked pretty cool, plus the dyes and clothes made it impossible to see that I was old. The weird thing is when I went back to Reaver my eyes turned back to normal O.o But it's cool, there are ways to get rid of the negative effects of that quest.

User Info: insaneguy75

8 years ago#7
^You go maximum age, and I believe you also lose all of your attractiveness.

That's why I went with giving it to her- screw random people, I LIKE my youthful demonic looks!
Seriously, I was just playing CoD4 and accidentally the whole thing.
The WHOLE thing!!!!!!! -Juuphin

User Info: Achronos117

8 years ago#8
I did the same as the guy above me. So while I stood there, refusing to give up the seal, believing i would retain my youth, laughing manically, the joke was on me. Oh well, it didnt really change anything, I dyed my hair from grey to brown, then when i took the brown away to change the color, my hair reverted back to being blonde (Im 100% good and 100% pure) and when I got a new tattoo all of my "oldness" went away.
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User Info: SHadowclaw_1

8 years ago#9
My hair turned white, but I got cool glowing red eyes. So I dyed my hair black and went on with my life.

User Info: XxpotatoesxX

8 years ago#10
I was thinking "why shouldn't I give it to her shes just going to fall down this endless hole anyway"
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