Reaver's Quest / Shadow Court / Elizabeth **spoilers** / Fable I nostalgia-ish

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User Info: ph4zr

8 years ago#1
Okay, I searched the topics, and I've established a few things:

-Keep the seal, age a lot, gain red eyes.
-Get rid of the seal, apparently this is bad (ok, well, that was -obvious)
-Apparently, Reaver made a deal w/ the Shadowcourt, resulting in the destruction of Oakvale (considering what he tried to do to our hero [without knowing the girl was there], this does not surprise me).

My first question is, besides making some random girl age a helluva lot, are there any long lasting effects of giving her the seal? I.e. is she still around and does this affect anything later besides me not being as old as sin itself?

Second question: how on earth did she get there? Does it have something to do with the Norm... Norma... Book of Extremely Dead? From what she was saying it sounds like she was reading some weird book, and that's the only weird book I've heard of so far...

Third question: I'm stuck here while I decide what to do with the girl... out of curiosity, if Reaver -was- responsible for the Shadow Court's destruction of Oakvale a bajillion (read: 600) years ago, was he in Fable I? I don't mean was he around (obviously he must have been), but do we find out about him / interact with him at all? I guess back then there were lots of heroes, since there was the heroes guild, so even if he existed he might have just been some random 'nobody' we'd never hear about at the time... I played the game for a bit, but on the 360 it freezes up occasionally and I got sick of doing the same thing twice and never finished it... what I did do I did a long time ago, and my memory isn't sharp enough to remember specific names. x.x

On the note of Fable I, Lady Grey... is that the really stuck up rich woman you could marry if you decided -not- to marry the poor girl who falls in love with you while you quest to earn the lady's trust?
As to why I'm stating the obvious, sometimes the obvious just needs to be stated.

User Info: Shalashaskaak

8 years ago#2
I went ahead and did the good thing, letting myself age and her stay the same. It's just some character, and you can dye your gray hair, so what's the damage? lol

As far as I could tell, it only affects your moral standing or whatever. It's obvious which is good and which isn't. But, I don't remember ever seeing her after taking the good route, so I would only guess that she wouldn't be seen again if you too the evil route.

And I can only guess that she was teleported there by that book. I was kinda wondering the same thing myself, but I didn't really question it.

Lastly, I don't really remember Reaver being in the first Fable. I didn't hear him mentioned at all, even in the expansion. Seems kinda like what they did in Halo 2, acting like all of this stuff happened, even though it was never mentioned. I don't think The Arbiter's ship sounded like "Dust and Echoes," so... yeah. They were just trying to make the story a bit more deep. (Sorry about the Halo ref. I'm not to much of a fan of the franchise since all the fanboys and college kids caught onto it. :/)

That is indeed the same Lady Grey. Hope this helped, and answered at least one of the questions half-way decently, xD.

User Info: helbent_revenge

8 years ago#3
Is Reaver the one responsible for destroying Oakvale? Where was that stated?

User Info: Im_not_Real

8 years ago#4
If I rember right, Theresa said that Oakvale burned down 400 years ago, whilst she (and our intreped hero from the first game) lived 500 years ago, if my guess is correct that Rever sacrificed Oakvale to the Shadow Court, that would put Reaver being born around the same time you die.

Oakvale's burning is mentioned as you enter its ruins, oakvale being sacrificed to the shadow court is mentioned as you go to them.

User Info: m3l33_u

8 years ago#5
I have a question. If you are good and you sacrifice the girl (giving her the seal) will it affect you? I read that you get permanent red eyes. Is this true?
Guns are better than bows, because your man parts get bigger when you carry a gun. - ZhangYide

User Info: ph4zr

8 years ago#6
It's been a long time since I played Fable.. I -thought- Oakvale was destroyed during the hero's childhood... but maybe it was just that bandits that raided Oakvale in the beginning, not that it was destroyed. x.x

Thanks for answering the other questions. I chose to save the girl, for now... plan on coming back and doing a pure evil character next game, though. I was evil for a little while, but I didn't have the heart to stick to it on my first playthrough, lol. Cost me my Shadow Temple, though. So much for ruling the world, eh?
As to why I'm stating the obvious, sometimes the obvious just needs to be stated.

User Info: ph4zr

8 years ago#7
As far as where it was stated that Reaver destroyed Oakvale, there are two reasons this seems to be the case, at least to me:

1) Theresa comments that someone made a deal w/ the Shadow Court, resulting in the destruction of Oakvale--Reaver has a deal going with the Shadow Court, and I somehow doubt they have too many clients... 400 years is a long time to be alive, too. Wonder why? Granted, it's not logically sound to deduce that Reaver -must- be the same person, but it seems reasonable to think that he -might- be.

2) Comments in other threads indicate that Reaver has journal entries floating around, some of which indicate that he was involved in the destruction of Oakvale. I can't confirm this myself, since I haven't gotten there, but... yeah. If it's true, than 1st hand testimony seems like pretty solid evidence--who lies in their own journal, after all? Well, usually... anyway.
As to why I'm stating the obvious, sometimes the obvious just needs to be stated.

User Info: ShinKungFuMan

8 years ago#8
Yeah, Reaver mentions in the last page of his diary that he has recurring nightmares about what happened back then, but considers that man that he was very different from the man he is now, but still drowns his sorrows in wine.

Anyone else feel he's a homage to Dorian Gray?

User Info: _Shuyin_

8 years ago#9
I was kinda dissapointed with Lady Grey in this game. In the first game, all in all, she was the hottest girl you could marry. Her voice was unique outside the Hero's Guild, she had her own mansion and her boobs were amazing!

But in this version, she's just this snobby girl. Sure she was brought back to life and given a love potion, but why lose the personality? She was a snob in Fable 1, but she also had an evilness/seducing feel to her.

She also doesn't really look like her. Her boobs took a massive deduction and her hair and dress are all wrong. I know people change their clothes and hairstyles overtime, but this is a video game and they should've put her in that purple dress she use to wear. Maybe even the necklace that her dead sister Amanda use to wear.

... yeah :P
Just don't pull a Lionhart and shove your fingers in your ears and go " no no no no no not true" when you hear something you don't like. - OnslaughtX

User Info: Meph

8 years ago#10

re:Dorian Grey...yeah, you're right on target. There are references to British literature throughout the game.
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