Question on Reaver ( SPOILERS )

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User Info: Lorsan_Vey

9 years ago#11
I wanted to kill him too.
GT: lorsan vey

User Info: master_ning

9 years ago#12
ok when i first me him i though he was an a** but, i was like .....ok this is his personalty what ever ill live with it then he try's to kill ooooooooo, in the cave i wasn't just shooting the spire troops, i was shooting him hoping, hoping he would die but he didn't. in the end i shot Lucian in the face the moment i could i mean after killing my wife my son my dog and me 2 times i was in know mood to here his bull i only wanted him to die slow but the gun shot to the head had to due.

getting back to reaver if there is a expansion my only goal is to kill him and i am going to get that slow death out of someone....... you know shot the gun out of his hand shot him in the nuts 2 time shock him once .......ok maybe 12 times or so blow of all his finger one at a time on both hands and after all that im dragging his a** all the way back the the shadow court, and the moment i get to the bottom of those stairs chop his legs off make the court drain his youth away set him on fire then me and my dog piss on his ash's. after all this give the shadow court the finger then destroy there little temple and skip my happy way home.

or am i just being twisted.

User Info: Dumb Dunmer

Dumb Dunmer
9 years ago#13
He stole my youth. He stole my kill. He tried to kill me. He destroyed Oakvale. He killed Barnum. There's just nothing about him to like.

There better be some Kill the Reaver DLC in the future.
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User Info: Pr0ph37z

9 years ago#14
Was I the only one that got "Gay" vibes from him? I know the way he talked isn't much to go by any more, but I can't shake the feeling. That and I was forced to escape through "Reaver's Rear Passage"
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User Info: Bonkins

9 years ago#15
^made be lol
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User Info: Coolsvilla

9 years ago#16
While I disliked him the first time I went through since he stole my youth because I was being good, being evil made him almost perfectly fine. It was actually kinda nice since he was so different from all the other characters. (like Hammer and Garth) Sure I'd probably kill him but then again, I'd kill anyone in the game. >=D

I also liked when you skipped his scenes. He's like "Am I boring you?" lol
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User Info: Letoghola

9 years ago#17
I generally just loved his voice actors work, it really made the character come to life as the arrogant piece of **** he really was. He definitely has some funny moments.

"Lucien and I had a gentlemans agreement! How dare he betray me, right when I was about to betray you!"

User Info: AbsinthMan

9 years ago#18
The amusing part (literary, if you will) about Reaver is the fact that he's the really bad guy in the story.

What I mean is that Lucien was building the spire and killing those enslaved people to bring his family back.

Reaver's just a complete and utter bastard. 100% evil/corrupt.

Just goes to show that the bad guy in the game doesn't necessarily have to be the main villain, it might as well be another "hero", or yourself if you so choose.

(Although I did find it really anticlimactic when he popped a bullet in Lucien's head)
Gamertag: luc4770

User Info: Neopaulitan

9 years ago#19
Was I the only one that got "Gay" vibes from him?

well, stephen fry, reaver's voice actor, is gay, so there you go. he was camping it up a lot for the character, though.
gamertag: Pablobot
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User Info: Maddog1419

9 years ago#20
Reavers awesome, he's not a pansy like everybody else. I love the note you get when you buy his house =D
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