Why won't Bartender job open up?

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User Info: Dmbcrimson

9 years ago#1
I am currently pursuing the first "Hero" in Oakfield, and not yet taken a job to give you some reference. I have been offered the blacksmith and wood cutter jobs, but want the bartender job. I have waited and waited, but no luck.

Is there something I have to do to trigger the availability of bartender jobs? This would make sense considering the wood cutter jobs only became available after I arrived in Oakfield. Do you have to take another job first? Just want the bartender job to be my first if possible.
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User Info: bamblam

9 years ago#2
Try bowesrtone market bartender :) i recommend starting a new job and waiting for the oakville bartender to open!

if u need money: exit fable, sign out of live, go on xbox settings, then date and time, then change the year to 2025 (or wahever), go on fable and u have much money~ (i forgot: u must own some stores) any store works!

User Info: Ork_Hero

9 years ago#3
Unless you want to take all the fun from the game, avoid using glitches. Bartender appeared for me during the "Hero of Will" quest.
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