Old bowerstone tattoo parlor?

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User Info: Keysmash01

9 years ago#1
Does anyone know where it is? i've been searching and havent been able to find it, tried looking it up online but surprsingly only found other people looking for it, some said they found it but so far i can't seem too, if there is one where is it and also maybe the reason i can't find it is cause i gave the warents to the guard at the beggining and maybe it's only there when you give them to that other guy and bowerstone goes to hell?

User Info: Wren28

9 years ago#2
There isn't one in Bowerstone Old Town...only ones I know of are in the Gypsy Camp, Bloodstone and Westcliff (although, not sure if he's there if you do the Westcliff development quest though).

User Info: steamboat_wi11y

9 years ago#3
its under the archway leading out of town to Rookridge. But is only there if you choose to give the warrants to the criminal as a child. Its a small merchant stall.
GT: Steamboat Wi11y

User Info: ronnet

9 years ago#4
The bowerstone tattoo artist has evil tattoos and doesn't excist unless you let evil controle the area as a child. One of the few things were your choices really have consequences where you have to live with.
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