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User Info: gemer-nerd

8 years ago#1
Fable 2's Demon Doors are nine in number, each of them requiring a different tactic to pry open its secrets and spill forth its wealth. We thought it was time someone provided a comprehensive resource about what you need to do to open each of Fable 2's Demon Doors. We'd provide a map with this article, but as we said in our Fable 2 review, the map system in the game is pretty weak, so it's not entirely clear where each region lies in relation to the next. So, you'll have to settle for this text-only recap of how to access each door.

Fable 2 Demon Door

One of the first Demon Doors you'll encounter can be found near Bower Lake. It's ironic that this is one of the first Demon Doors you find in Fable 2, because it happens to be one of the hardest to open and the last ones you'll be able to. The requirements for the Bower Lake Demon Door seem simple enough: "act out" a story that the Demon Door tells. However, to perform all the required acts, you'll have to progress pretty far in the game and spend some time in the bookstore buying and learning spells. The Demon Door's story requires the following expressions, in this order: Laugh, Fart, Point and Laugh, Middle Finger, Vulgar Thrust, Growl, Bloodlust Roar, Worship, Dance and Blow a Kiss. Many of those can be learned in books from the Bowerstone Book Store, but several (Laugh and Blow Kiss, for instance), can only be acquired based on your actions and renown.

The next two Fable 2 Demon Doors are relatively easy to find and to open. The first, near the Bowerstone Cemetery, simply wants meat. Don't bother going back to Bowerstone Market and buying him mutton, though; just kick a chicken toward the Demon Door's mouth, and he'll literally open wide. It's forehead-slappingly simple, really, and for the "trouble" of kicking fowl, you'll be rewarded with some good Experience Potions. The next door, in Rookridge, is also quite simple, although it requires that your dog know four different tricks. We got the Rookridge Demon Door to open by having our dog Urinate on the door (after we pointed and laughed at the door), Fetch, Cower (after we farted) and Roll Over (his reaction to doing the Chicken expression). Once the door is open, your Hero takes a trip down Memory Lane, an interesting low-contrast "freeze frame" of Oakvale from the original Fable. There's really not much to do here -- at least not early on -- but if walk to the far back left, you'll find a treasure chest that contains a Potion of Life.

One of the next early stops in the game takes you to Oakfield, where you'll encounter the Oakfield Demon Door. Although we've heard about several different ways to open this door, our Hero opened it by asking a woman who had fallen in love with him to "follow," then proposing to her in front of the Oakfield Demon Door. With his heart of stone now bursting with love, the Demon Door opens to reveal an amazing Homestead, which you can make your marital home if you wish, as well as a windmill that contains a treasure chest with an augmented mace. It really is a nice, albeit slow, melee weapon. We've heard that simply blowing a woman a kiss can lead the door to open, but we had to propose to get it to open.

The most obscure Demon Door is by far the one in Brightwood. Truly, where else must you adorn yourself with muttonchops and dreadlocks while offering some cheese to a hunk of rock? Logic aside, here's what you need: make sure you have some cheese in your inventory, which can be purchased from the Bowerstone Produce Trader. Next, purchase the muttonchops (The Chop) from the Bowerstone barber and a Posh Gentleman's Shirt/Noble Blouse from the Bowerstone tailor. With those items in your inventory, head for Oakfield and buy a Farmer's Hat from the clothing stall, then to Bloodstone to buy Dreadlocks from the barber. Lastly, buy a Strumpet Skirt from one of the wandering traders (a lot of them walk in Rookridge). Voila! Not only are you ugly as sin, but you can finally open the Demon Door. Now, if only it offered you more than a hat, shirt and pants for your trouble.

Speaking of Bloodstone, that's the location of the next Demon Door. After the insanity of the Brightwood door, Bloodstone's is refreshingly simple. All you need to do is own a Lute (it's an expression) and play it perfectly in front of the door. That's it. When it opens, not only will you encounter one of the creepiest areas in all of Fable 2, but you'll be rewarded with a nice sword.

To open the Westcliff Demon Door, it helps to be a little creepy yourself, as you need to have corruption level pretty high (be more corrupt than pure). You can keep tabs on your corruption by pausing the game, selecting Logbook and viewing your Personality. The Wraithmarsh Demon Door, however, is much creepier in name than in "real life," as it requires you to have a dedicated entourage following you. When you're wandering around the nearby area, charm enough people to entice 10-12 of them to follow you to the door. Have that many followers, and the door will open and grant you access to a treasure chest behind the house in a cave. Inside the treasure chest is a Turret Rifle.

The final Demon Door in Fable 2 is behind Fairfax Castle, in Fairfax Gardens. This arrogant door tells you early in the game that he is the biggest and best of the doors and opens for no one. Well, that's only true until you open the other eight Demon Doors in Fable 2. Open those eight, as we've outlined above, and the Fairfax Gardens Demon Door will crack open and fill your pockets with 50,000 gold. When you think about it, this is actually a pretty poor reward considering all the back-and-forth you need to do to open the others doors, not to mention the fact that you can easily make 50,000 gold just by waiting for your investments in the game to "come due" every five minutes. What's more, that 50,000 gold hardly helps you buy Fairfax Castle, which costs $1 million.

So there you have it, a straightforward guide about how to open the Demon Doors in Fable 2. We hope you find this helpful as you wander through Albion.

User Info: jwbartle

8 years ago#2
Actually, I believe that the Oakfield Demon Door simply requests an "expression of love". I think using the "Blow Kiss" expression on someone in front of it can be sufficient.

Otherwise, cool story bro.

User Info: jwbartle

8 years ago#3

Oh wait, I didn't read TC's entire post too closely You DID mention that method. Sorry, my bad.
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