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User Info: FlurryJK2

7 years ago#1
So I'm doing the main quest and clearing the shrine of dagon. I find this note with some very vague Directions.
it says (this is based of memory might not be exact)
Go north for an hour
then go northeast and follow the water upstream
Should find His house
look out for bears.

I dont think the directions mean go north of dagon's shrine because it's all mountainous and I could find any water that I could follow upstream.

if anyone one knows about this random note feel free to enlighten me.
Xbox Live: FlurrJK2

User Info: FlurryJK2

7 years ago#2
Update: heres the exact text, no real info on the destination though, is it just like a red herring?

Head north for a hour or so.

You'll see a group of dead trees.
Head northeast until you come to the water.
Follow the shore upstream.
His house is close by.
Watch out for bears.
Xbox Live: FlurrJK2

User Info: PapaRosario

7 years ago#3
It doesn't lead anywhere.

User Info: xud9dab2

7 years ago#4
There are several of those notes around, none of them mean anything

User Info: FlurryJK2

7 years ago#5
looks like it's time to buy the pc version and make it happen via modding
Xbox Live: FlurrJK2

User Info: xkylorslayerzx

7 years ago#6
There are quite a few notes like that, and multiples of them are found in different places, they lead seemingly nowhere, especially since they can be found in different places. Perhaps it was for an unfinished quest or something.
search for
on that page, you'll see alot of notes like that

User Info: Xero_SeeD

7 years ago#7
An unfinished questy? COME ON. This is obviously somebody in Bethesda doing exactly what any of us would do knowing the kind of people that would play this game. throw in a note that gives you directions to nothing?

Gamers will be searching for HOURS bcause they wouldn't dare think that the note is there for laughs, its must lead to treasure!
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