Worthless major skills list

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User Info: Sturmm

9 years ago#1
Skills that are worthless in the game:

Security - skeleton key
Speechcraft - charm spell a npc
Mercantile - gold is useless and easily obtainable
Acrobatics - obvious
Illusion - only thing useful here is charm
Alchemy - making potions and all amy not be useless, but i never have to use anything other then a standard health/magicka potion
Mysticism - Soul trap
Hand to Hand - obvious

User Info: The_Greek_Dude

9 years ago#2

Your kiding right?
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User Info: AlastorA

9 years ago#3
Alchemy is, to the best of my knowledge, about the most powerful skill in the game.

I use the invisibility series of spells from Illusion too - they're invaluable to stealth players.

Blunt weapons are pretty useless. There's no reason to take them ever that I'm aware of.

If one is eventually going to be in heavy armor, I don't see a point in ever getting light armor skills.

I've never used conjuration or mysticism skills at all.

Those pretty much top the charts though (your list). I think mine are worthy candidates too though.


User Info: Sturmm

9 years ago#4
"Your kiding right?"

No, im not

User Info: AAOruler

9 years ago#5
mysticism is basically worthless

chameleon/invisibility from illusion is amazIng on a theif

conjuration... it's fun to have a xivilai follow you.

Acrobatics - keeps you from dying as easy if you fall too far (I have a habit of this..)

Blunt... Well for my next character I just wanna swing a massive battle axe but yeah it's pretty useless
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User Info: bibfortuna25

9 years ago#6
I almost always have Acrobatics as one of my majors. After all, you'll be jumping a lot when you're going up hills and such, so why not have it be a major?
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User Info: Zafire063

9 years ago#7
I can skip over deungeons with high acrobatics by jumping on the platform above, it's awesome and saves a lot of time on my stealth charecter.

You're kidding? Invisibility is the most key spell to a stealth player. Raising Illusion skill lowers the Magicka cost of using those invisibility spells. Being invisible also allows you to quickly complete deungeons. Illusion is THE skill for stealth players. Also i've made a high elf summoner-type charecter, and summoning things and going invisible makes the game fun lol. Paralyze is also an Illusion spell and it can make things fairly easy for me.

I use this as a major skill for all my charecters. It helps make money early on, it's an easy way to get +5 intelligence on your level-ups, and it's very easy to raise. I use this to level-up relatively easy, which is what it's mainly good for. You can also make very powerful potions and poisons once you hit expert.

I will kind of agree with this, beyond soul trap I find little use for it. Reflect can be fun I guess.

User Info: Brandt

9 years ago#8
I'm not seeing much love for Frenzy here, which, in addition to being incredibly fun, can also be incredibly useful.
Hell, you only need to be an apprentice of Illusion to cast targetted max magnitude frenzy spells.
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User Info: DevilWulf

9 years ago#9
The only skill I personally don't have any use for is speechcraft.

User Info: Solusx2

9 years ago#10
Illusion IS the most useful with night-eye and invis, achelmy is the most powerful, mysticism has soul trap, spwll absorb etc.

You are entiled to your own opinion, but your just wrong.
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