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Sheogorath quest

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User Info: pyroferret212

9 years ago#1
In the quest Sheogorath when the rats came I killed the rats before that one guy could drop the rat poison so now I cant feed it to the sheep to continue the quest is there anyway to get past this part without the rat poison, or is there any other way of getting rat poison?
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User Info: llihknaH

9 years ago#2
kill the sheep when no one's looking.
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User Info: grm422

9 years ago#3
reload a pervious save

User Info: pyroferret212

9 years ago#4
Well I killed the sheep (there is 4 right I didn't miss one did I?) and it still says

"I have used cheese to lure many rats into Border Watch. I should speak with Ri'bassa to see if he believes this to be part of the prophecy."
I am a genious.

User Info: pyroferret212

9 years ago#5
Okay I found to sheep escaped from the pen and killed them and the can gon on with the quest.
I am a genious.

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