good bow enchant

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User Info: DrMandingo

8 years ago#1
im trying to make a nice bow enchant to ensure my sneak attack with my bow kills in one shot. i know it would be easy to do if i moved my slider all the way down but im leaving it at the point where it was set. anyone have an enchantment that works well for em?

User Info: bibfortuna25

8 years ago#2
Get a sigil stone that does elemental damage.
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User Info: Machines_Of_Dog

8 years ago#3
at normal difficulty it won't be possible i don't think - certainly not after certain levels with levelled enemies...even on the easiest setting after certain levels with the most powerful enchanted arrows you will need a couple of shots to take down some foes...probably your best bet is to go for weakness to poison and make master alchemy multiple effect poisons - try enchanting with a mix of weakness to magic and weakness to poison if you like but you'll only get about 5 seconds of each for your filled grand gem charge...
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User Info: jantoniozz

8 years ago#4
I use the following 2 enchantments:

10 Fire dmg for 3 secs
100% Weakness to Fire for 3 secs
100% Weakness to Magic for 3 secs

The above is great against vampires.

100% Drain Health
Soul Trap for 1 sec

This one is awesome. 1 hit kill.

User Info: Mr_Collins

8 years ago#5
No amount of weakness stacking helps a player who wants to dish out one hit kills. The best option for TC is a combination of tweaking the difficulty slider, Bib's elemental sigil stone and getting lucky with enchanted arrows.

User Info: Machines_Of_Dog

8 years ago#6
at normal difficulty (i play the hardest setting so this is somewhat supposition) i'd imagine that a master poison with double weakness should kill most enemies at most levels since according to the formula the effect should be quadrupled so just a 1 effect damage health poison should do 960 points damage with weakness to magic and weakness to poison added...i'm gonna test it in a bit maybe....

if you want guaranteed ohk's use very easy setting with arrows of immolation, weakness to fire and weakness to magic - that should work - though the arrows are hard to come by if you don't use the duplication cheat...drain health 100 points will work up to about level 3 or 4 on normal setting in my limited experience of the mode...

i hate bows they suck - stick to poisoned daggers and weakness (combined with command) stacking spells all the way - that's how i cheat! - no idiot has got a chance =P
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User Info: Machines_Of_Dog

8 years ago#7
btw you should remember that weakness doubles the effect of the enchantment so if you are using arrows that have more than 25 points elemental damage then weakness is better than the best sigil stone enchant...add weakness to magic to quadruple the original effect iirc...
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User Info: Machines_Of_Dog

8 years ago#8
i had to test this to prove to myself why i hate bows!...anyways using a level 30 char on normal difficulty i found that high hp foes generally take a 2 effect poison to take down with one shot...2 shots from the same enchanted bow with a one effect poison was obviously faster since the weakness to magic stacks...a 3 effect poison would definitely take down anything in one shot at this level but the amount of poisons you'd need to make is hideous to contemplate unless you dupe....therefore i will be sticking to stacking touch spells and using one effect poisons on daggers for swift ohk's in future games forever...TC i recommend as before that you dupe a games worth of arrows of immolation, add 100% weakness to magic and 100% weakness to fire to your bow and turn the difficulty right down if you want to instantly kill idiots with a ranged weapon...
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User Info: Jedi454

8 years ago#9
simple get a Deadric bow and enchant it with 40pt of damage fire on it.
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User Info: Nasgate

8 years ago#10
since you are using sneak attacks, get high quality arrows and use a bound bow until you get daedric items
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