Better Bow than Hatred's Soul?

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User Info: incinerator950

7 years ago#1
Wouldn't mind an upgrade, did they ever throw in any better weapons or should I customize a Madness bow?
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User Info: tidus778

7 years ago#2
Just customize a madness bow...its not worth hunting for something else...favorite is soultrap that way if you have azuras star you will never have to worry about having powering it up with a crap load of soul gems...put something like 20 fire damage for one second with 100% weakness to fire...knocks most enemies off their feet.
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User Info: WhereDidItGo

7 years ago#3
A bow that drains speed for 3 seconds or so is nice for those more cramped spaces like dungeons when backpedaling isn't much of an option. Set the magnitude high enough and the enemy will just stand there while you poke them full of arrows.
The only difference between peace and submission is the mercy of your enemy.

User Info: tedesche

7 years ago#4

Better than just that with Drain Speed, actually. The game guages the distance at which creatures/NPCs can detect you based on their Speed, so if it's zero, and you're in sneak mode, they have NO chance of spotting you! "Drain Speed 100 pts for 1 sec on strike" is enough to keep an enemy ignorant of your presence while you nail them over and over again with x3 shots. Of course, if the enemy has any Resist Magic/Spell Absorption/Reflect Spell, then it might not always work. Bretons are annoying here, as well as Xivali, Goblin Shamans, etc. Still sweet though, and fun as hell.

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  3. Better Bow than Hatred's Soul?

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