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User Info: veronicablushes

7 years ago#1
it makes this game sooo much better. I left it on for Wait, but disabled it for Sleep and Travel.

What you gain by disabling those autosaves, the smoothness of play it allows, is much greater a reward than the price of possibly loosing time playing the game - which we all have experienced anyway [while using Auto-Save!] due to this games many inevitable glitches and random freezing issues. If anything I save more efficiently now than when I relied on letting the game handle it. Walking through doors is so much smoother.

Try it for a day or two.

User Info: bibfortuna25

7 years ago#2
Leaving it on is the best way to go because of the possibility of glitches that could cause you to lose a lot of progress. There's no downside to leaving it on.
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User Info: xud9dab2

7 years ago#3
Aside from the 2 second wait every time you use a door. Which, considering the bugs it can avoid, is a very good deal

User Info: James128

7 years ago#4
If anything I save more efficiently now than when I relied on letting the game handle it

Thank you, finally someone sees it. Autosave is trash for a gamer that knows when and how to save. I hate autosave.

The game has glitches and stuff, but because of the patch, it's not as bad. In fact I've played quite a bit of the game and haven't noticed much glitching or freezing at all. The only time it froze on me was when I tried to bound an item that has been glitched by unlimited recharge/repair glitch.

User Info: veronicablushes

7 years ago#5

From: xud9dab2 | #003
Aside from the 2 second wait every time you use a door.

Exactly. You don't have to do that. If you take control of your own saving, it's much nicer.

From: bibfortuna25 | #002
There's no downside to leaving it on.

See above and original post for more details.

From: James128 | #004
Autosave is trash for a gamer that knows when and how to save.

Ditto. I've seen the light. All they have to do is actually try it for a while. They'll see that they're capable of managing their own saves and that it does make the gameplay smoother. If they can't handle it... I'll refrain from saying anything bad about them. To each their own.

I'm just saying it works for me and I really like the difference it makes of being able to walk through doors smoothly. It feels so much better.

Goofing around in this game is my primary goal. I load a save, start playing and may do absolutely nothing worthwhile (as far as stats or game progress goes) for an hour. If I happen to loose that I'm not really worried. But even when I go into dungeons or play quests I'm now saving after I've cleared each area/fight or done anything slightly important. It's actually more precise and would be less replay than it I relied on the game to hold my hand.

I mean, it's pretty easy to remember to press Wait, A, then cancel as soon as you see the "Auto-saving..." at the top of the screen.

User Info: veronicablushes

7 years ago#6
There have actually been a few times when the game would auto-save and totally piss me off because I had to reload a save from way earlier. I can't remember the exact circumstances, but I definitely remember the event of having to redo a lot of work because of it. It was during quests.

Oh, one of them was the last Thieves Guild mission because I didn't put on the boots at the end. Because I relied on the auto-save I had to replay the entire sewer/tower part.

And you know if you accidentally pickpocket or piss someone off in a guild, town, or castle, you'll get kicked out and the Auto-Save on Travel will bite you then too.

User Info: Hidden-Assassin

7 years ago#7
And another good reason to disable the auto-saves altogether (as I have done all along) is because it helps to potentially prevent some of what leads up to the A-bomb bug. One of the main suggestions by many who have looked into the causes/etc., is to never overwrite a save, but rather always create new saves as you progress through the game. Unfortunately, leaving any aspect of autosaving on does just that, because at many points (sometimes not even associated with waiting, sleeping, or fast-travelling) the game will autosave mid-quest/etc., thus overwriting the previous autosave. From then on, any intentional/controlled/safe save you make, already has the potential to be carrying the corrupted aspects of the data along with it.

User Info: AllHailVivi

7 years ago#8
Yes, autosaves sometimes screw you over BIG TIME, but they may also save you some as well. After spamming Restoration for an hour and a half( the Master trainer had died in Kvatch) I finally had it mastered. But as soon as I got the lvl.100 popup, the game froze. :0!!!!! MOTHER******!!! Thankfully, autosave's random on-off-ness saved me another hour and a half of RBing it up and I was able to reload exactly where I finished leveling. In closing: leaving auto on benefits>>>>> turning auto off benefits
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User Info: 1949tcr

7 years ago#9
Yea it is better with it off..All of it...Just save & save your saves..I keep my last 3 or 4.
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User Info: kingcodebra

7 years ago#10
Turning off auto-save is not a wise policy to me, vigero. It has save my ass so many times that the 2 seconds added up don't even touch it. And with the game now on my HD it doesn't even take that long. I also manage my own saves so don't go there with me ;)

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