This or Ratchet and Clank Size Matters??

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User Info: Soccer009

9 years ago#1
Im looking at gameplay, how long the game lasts, and price...tell me why please

User Info: fedcvgr

9 years ago#2
well, daxter is longer, but imo size matters was a lot better and more fun
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User Info: Alpha-Foxtrot

9 years ago#3

The previous poster has made a statement that is an abomination.
Daxter is much better.

User Info: jsoex

9 years ago#4
I agree with "fedcvgr". I love Daxter but Size Matter is more fun because of the cool weapons, gadgets and armor, and you get to play as both Ratchet *and* Clank (as separate characters), which is fun. Also, Size Matters is more straight forward, whereas in some parts of Daxter, you wonder if you're going in the right direction.

But like "fedcvgr" wrote, Size Matters much shorter than Daxter - I think I finished Size Matters under half the time it took me to finish Daxter. Size Matters is probably too easy, so you tend to zip through the game. But with Size Matters, you can replay the game to get better weapons and gadgets, and there are more extra mini games in Size Matters.

Both Daxter and Size Matters are good games, but i found Size Matters to be a little more fun.
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User Info: peterwantspie

9 years ago#5
On the whole my vote lies with Daxter. It's just got a lot more charm than Rachet and Clank IMO, which enhances enjoyment.
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User Info: bneo20

8 years ago#6
I have always preferred games in the Ratchet series to the Jak series with one exception, this game. I have both and found Ratchet to be boring, and slightly repetitive. I also don't care for the camera controls in Ratchet. Daxter, while maybe a little short is a much better game over all with the exception of the final boss fight which is glitchy at parts, or at least it was for me. Being a major fan of the Ratchet games I recommend Daxter.

User Info: Rengadewite444

8 years ago#7

User Info: XxPiNkDeAtHxX

8 years ago#8
Wow, I like how each post went to the other one that the previous poster said. Both games are pretty cheap in price, get them both.

User Info: dark_gamer2008

8 years ago#9

I'm definitely gonna have to go with size matters. Daxter just had no story line and i finished it in about 2 hours. However they both are cheap so buy them both

User Info: yang_fox

8 years ago#10
come on guys!!! Daxter in term of graphics,sound,CHARACTERS is AWESOME!!!!Daxter beat Ratchet in everything!!!!!!!
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