power combos in danger room

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User Info: Lord_Of_Chaos94

8 years ago#1
does anybody know how to beat the combined powers courses easily, everytime i try i can't get the timing dow, i used throw to get the batter up combo on some of the courses, but there are some where you can't throw, any suggestions?

User Info: robbobmur

8 years ago#2
Jean's Psionic Boom and Xavier's Crushing Ego are two of the better combo hitting skills, either by the AI or player controlled.

The skills with a stun effect or a radial attack are the best to use for combos.

Xavier's "CE" has a 4 second stun at level one, so it's the best one in my opinion.

Don't forget Magneto's Levitation and Jean's Telekinesis can pick up and throw most enemies at level one, for the batter up combo.

User Info: Lord_Of_Chaos94

8 years ago#3
thanks, i'll try that, but isn't Xavier unlocked only after you beat all the danger room missions?

User Info: robbobmur

8 years ago#4
Yes, unless you use a cheat , you won't get Xavier until after you've finished all the DR courses.

I always refererence him for combos, because that is his best function in this game, when combined with his combo XP bonus passive.

User Info: pgw

8 years ago#5
DR counts "Batter Up!" as a power combo. All you have to do for that is hit a teammate with an enemy. Throw an enemy physically, telekinetically, or with knockback from a powered attack and if he hits a teammate, you score a combo.

Otherwise, your best bet is to use a cheap area affect power. Cyclops's Optic Flash (with only one point in it) works well. You can fire it often and hit multiple enemies. Keep your hand on the "call allies" button to get your teammates to use their powers as much as possible.

Magneto has a couple of powers that work really well, too. Shrapnel Sentry fires in an area burst when an enemy appears. Leave them near where the enemies spawn (or near a corner or something that they have to get around) and if your allies fire on sight, you'll have a good chance to score a combo. Magnetic Grasp is also really useful. It's got a wide area of effect, and it sends everyone in range flying - giving you a good chance at a Batter Up! combo.

Some have had success with another strategy. Take one teammate with you. Just one. And learn the timing of your power move and his (from the time the animation begins to the time the power actually fires). Watch for his animation to start, then synch your timing so yours fires at the same time as his.

Good luck.
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