now this is a dead board.

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User Info: sergeantjoe

8 years ago#1
see topic

User Info: circuitfacee

8 years ago#2
but you love chimichangas?!!

User Info: iMpLuX

8 years ago#3
Wow, its been almost 4 years since I walked into an EB and bought this game, Ultimate Spiderman, both strategy guides and Animaniacs plus a 1019 memory card and had one heck of an awesome weekend. Good times, good times :)

I beat US that weekend and EB was offering an extra 25% trade-in credit, so I got $32 back for a game I spent $50 on so it felt like an expensive rental that I still have the guide for. But XMen and Animaniacs I still have and play regularly :)

User Info: iMpLuX

8 years ago#4

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