Disappearing Items?

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User Info: FallenTrainer

7 years ago#1
Although I doubt anyone will read or reply to this post I thought i'd post it anyway. I cant find some of the items. I checked both both the item faq and a full walkthrough and some items just arent there. Is it because I beat the game first or it this a major glitch? For instance the Strike Tech machine is no where to be found on the Radar Dish platforms.

User Info: robbobmur

7 years ago#2
It's there,
I can't give you the proper name of the location off the top of my head,
but it's on one of the protect Kilroy platforms, (the second one I believe)
you enter on one side of the platform ,
fight the sentinels until Kilroy detonates the bomb,
travel counter-clockwise where it's left of the exitway,
if you don't look or listen for it you'll go right past it.

There is a glitch concerning the platforms, that might be why you can't find it.

User Info: FallenTrainer

7 years ago#3
whats this glitch your talking about?

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