Do boosts stack?

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User Info: EwokCommanda

7 years ago#1
Yeah...basically want to know if Psychic Fury, Energy Fury, and Ice Gloves (or whatever it's called) stack, adding that percentage of damage for each level.

I've tried it out (using Psychic, Energy, Amplify Luck, and Sunfire's boost), but the numbers are so jumbled up, it's really hard to tell. >_< It looks like it is stacking, but I want to be sure before I try a party of just boosting...
SYSTEM NOTIFICATION:Energy damage + Mental Damage + Fire Damage + Increased damage total on top of your starting damage? WIN!

User Info: robbobmur

7 years ago#2
Boosts with the same animation do not stack , all others do , I believe .

This prevents a character from continuously stacking a boost upon itself .

For example : Cyclop's & Mag's skill point boost will stack , but Gambit & Bishop's Energy Fury will not .

User Info: robbobmur

7 years ago#3
Also , I sent in an edit to your Cheat entry :

Any BOE member ( in any team combination ) that initiates the dialogue with Lady Deathstrike can access the buy-out option , as long as Wolverine is not on the team .

If Wolverine is on the team , actively controlled or not , there is no buy-out option .

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