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User Info: Zerou_Cool

6 years ago#1
I forgot so much about this game it makes me sad. I had a set team and know you need certain things (Like teleport/fly) but need to relearn the game. My favorite character to use was Gambit so I know I'm going to stick with him. And Juggernaut cuz ...well gotta smash stuff right? I was thinking maybe Ironman and somebody but not sure. Deadpool? Any suggestion would be nice. I'm going to mess with it in a bit but I wanna use the same party pretty much throughout the game.
PsN : Ryuu_Hyuga (WKC2) (Cant wait for = Uncharted 3-Modern Warfare 3)
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User Info: robbobmur

6 years ago#2
For Gambit & Jugs , I 'd chose:

for 3rd character - either Jean or Scarlet Witch for their energy regeneration boost , or take Bishop and use his No energy usage Extreme

for the fourth character - if you want to max out Focus ( Gambit & 3rd character) and Strike ( Jugs) at the expense of Body for your other characters use Xavier and max out his resurrection extreme and make his Crushing Ego ( with just one skil point ) his default skill .
Others to consider :
Nightcrawler ( Leap of Faith , and Master of Chaos )
If you choose Jean for energy regen , use SW for her health regen boost and extreme .
If you favor Gambit's Energy Form , use Bishop and his Energy Fury for max damage .

Ironman is tops as a lead offensive character , but he has no party boosting skills .
Deadpool is great if you want to boost his teleport skill and skip over areas , otherwise he's best suited to be a lead offensive character , not a support character .

User Info: Zerou_Cool

6 years ago#3
I'm running around with Iron Man, Gambit, Juggernaut and Deadpool just b/c. It seems like a pretty good party but I don't like using Xavier or Dark Phoenix b/c they seem way too easy to destroy everything with. I'm still iffy on the skills to use though. So far each character has about 10 points left to use (about level 22ish) and just been using their first skill to do massive damage.
PsN : Ryuu_Hyuga (WKC2) (Cant wait for = Uncharted 3-Modern Warfare 3)
MK9 Mains - Anybody (CoD Mw2 - BO - W@W - Mw1) (WKC2 - Ryuu_Hyuga.Ville, Ryuu LS)

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