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User Info: Destructionface

8 years ago#1
Alright, I must be ridiculous. I've made i through this game up until the point where I can fly around the world on the GAW. Now, I'm in falldust and it's empty. There are two boxes behind a fence that I can't get to, but I read that I should be able to get them. WTF is wrong with me, and how do you get these boxes? I want the damn Bawoo data in one of them.

User Info: Dragen

8 years ago#2
Meh, wish I still had my game so I could load it up and check for you. Did you try going inside the building to see if there was an exit from there to behind the fence to grab those 2 chests?
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User Info: SirAltairTheGr8

8 years ago#3
There is. You have to go inside the building and then head right. Earlier in the game, this area is blocked off by soldiers.
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