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User Info: Capt-America43

9 years ago#1

Does anyone have any ideas for a sequel? Here's what I would do:

1)increase the effectiveness of missiles and optical weaponry, and make aircraft worth the money

2)Add more hulls, including futuristic and planned designs

3)Make larger levels and add a multiplayer mode (obviously)

4)Make the surroundings more realistic, such as better wave effects

5)Is anyone else hoping for a Wii release?

User Info: BigFattyPlus

9 years ago#2
I agree wholeheartedly. Also, may I add "make anti-missile/torpedo weaponry more effective"?
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User Info: CancerPendragon

9 years ago#3
http://www.warshipgunner2.com/index.php/topic,181.0.html <--- we compiled an enormous list of what we want here :3
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User Info: irool

9 years ago#4
The aircraft should have the AI level of... well, just below the original WG. Definitely WAY above Commander AI. The weapons damage should be left alone though, or maybe SLIGHTLY increased. Torpedoes should return. However, prices should be dropped.

To compensate, carriers should, er, carry, a realistic number of planes. For example, the first British Carrier hull is undoubtedly that of the HMS Hermes, which carried 15 planes. The American Carrier VI would carry 90 planes. To compensate for the huge number of planes that WWII huls carried, some planes should count for more "slots" than others. For example, while a Seafire or Bearcat would occupy 1 slot, the B25 and the early jets would count as 2 planes, and late aircraft like the Tomcat or Etendard would count for 3. The final aircraft like the F/A-22 and Halberds would take 2. Thus, the VIs would actually have 270 slots. This fits nicely with the huge number of planes that enemy carriers and airbases launch. Currently, it is possible to acquire infinite funds by camping in front of an air base and shooting down planes for the funds crates and ammo.

Russia and maybe France and/or Italy should come in as nations. The Russians would specialize in subs, battleships, and cruisers. Their nation would, along with Japan, pick up a new Cruiser Carrier hull (Mogami Kai and, what is it, the Kara Type helicopter carrier or something?). The French and Italians would have powerful battleships and destroyers, but weak planes. The French submarine cruiser, Surcouf, and its British cousins, the M-type, would come in as dedicated hulls with high displacement and the ability to carry large-caliber cannons. In exchange, they would have a low number of auxillary slots and be limited to two-barreled cannons above 15.5 cm. Perhaps the designers could find a way to work in the Japanese I-400 sub carriers too!
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User Info: Xivios

9 years ago#5
Maybe instead of the I-400's themselves, they include the I-400 hull as a low-model ICBM hull (due to their sheer size), and the I-400 hangar and conning tower as a special bridge. This way you could use the I-400 hull for something other than aircraft, as well as equip newer subs with aircraft. Still, with carriers carrying over 200 aircraft (certainly possible on 360 and PS3), carrying 2 seaplanes doesn't seem worth it. Something would need to be done to make aircraft worth it on the subs. As well as a system to tell you when your aircraft want to land, otherwise, splash...
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User Info: irool

9 years ago#6
Simple. Allow Carrier Subs (and CVSS ONLY) to carry Helicopters, VTOLs and Halberds with a stat and AI boost that puts them back up to WG1 levels! Remove the "slot" limitations for them too, and maybe give them a few more planes (like 5-8).

All the helicopters' weapons, except Lv.2-3 depth charges and A/Sub missiles, can be simulated on the old damage model. The others should be upgraded by however much the A/Sh missile was upgraded (30d->600d=2000% increase, not a typo!). That means that Air/Sub Missiles will do 800 damage!!!!!! Never mind. They should bring Anti-Sub torps back. Maybe even have a guided/oxygen/supersonic/etc. torpedo for the must advanced Scout each nation has.

Americans and Germans - Guided ASW torps
Japanese - ASW Oxy Torps
Russians - Supersonic ASW Torps (the Russians ARE working on one)
French, Italians, British - Still thinking.

Anyone ELSE remember the carnage of money-cheating as the Germans and PWNing everything with 18 Halberd IVs? That's what will happen, but on a smaller scale since there's 270 Spitfires flying overhead!

One last thing. Helicopters and VTOLs only take up one slot, and 3 can be launched at once. UFOs take two, and can be launched in pairs.
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User Info: TeknonWarMaster

9 years ago#7
hey, i know this isn't exactly the right topic, but i need some help here. I need some assistance in finding the treasure in Pac-I-180, and Pac-K-570. These are the only two im missing. Any help with that would be most appreciated. Email addy is blackwargreymon2008@yahoo.com

User Info: irool

9 years ago#8
Check the FAQs page.
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User Info: fighterjock420

8 years ago#9

1) just make one for the next-gen systems and I'll be freaking tickled

2) PLEASE go multi-platform so that I don't have to buy anthing form Sony to play it like I did this game....


User Info: Xivios

8 years ago#10
I know eh, I got my PS2 after my Wii and 360, because I wanted to play this game. (and Ace Combat 04/5).
It's true what they say, the grass is always greener, and you don't really know what it is you have, until it's gone. Gone. Gone...-Conker T. Squirrel.
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