Wow, I just found my original copy.

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User Info: Shadow82v

9 years ago#1
I am a happy man right now. : )
I appreciate your time......
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User Info: Okihay

9 years ago#2
Okay... if you still play CQ from CD (lol), and have a strong computer, you can immediately add lots (20+) more levels to your game thingy (better graphics too). copy and paste this to your search engine and search... click on the first line of blue text that you find scrolling down. When asked to open the file or save, click save. This zip file contains absolutely everything required for running The Ultimate Chex Quest. The file contains DooM Legacy version 1.42 for Windows, the original Chex® Quest IWAD, renamed to allow Legacy to use it, and, of course, the current beta version of The Ultimate Chex® Quest is in there too. Everything has been set up! There is no need to do anything. Just unzip the files to a directory of your choosing, then run Legacy by using one of the two included batch files, one for software mode, and one for openGL mode, or use the DooM Legacy launcher, which has already been preconfigured. This is a way to download other levels too, but it is much harder. All credits go to the webmaster of the site, who's name i'll find later. =^_^= I think i am done now. Go kill some flemoids.
*backflips 500 times and explodes*

User Info: SPV999

9 years ago#3
His name is Boingo the clown. The single best Chex Quest modder to date. His version, while exactly the same as the original, adds some detailed touches that actually make it better.

I've tried designing levels with such level of detail... it takes weeks to do a single level... And I'm using ZDoom, which is much more user-friendly then Legacy...
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  3. Wow, I just found my original copy.

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