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What are the Germans saying?

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User Info: lmv1273

9 years ago#1
I'd like to know what the Germans are saying. some words are clear like-- family, criminals, coffin. Kaka, and the b word for males. Is there any place where the translation of the script can be found?

I laugh every time I hear the voice on the speaker in the Russian campaign--Demolition. He's talking about how some Germans rescued children from a burning building. Then he goes on to explain how to surrender. Put your gun down and your hands up. He sounds like Bugs Bunny.

"it's twurry dat simpull."

My video card went bad a couple of months ago and my husband got my computer fixed for me. yeah, I'm a female. While the guy was fixing the computer, he noticed that I had COD1, COD2, and COD3 on the desk top. No, I don't have 4. . . yet. He said something like it was unusual for women to play first person war games. That just struck me as being odd that he would assume that women wouldn't want to play war games. After all, women were also a part of WW2. It wasn't all men.

Women flew bombers, which was kept secret until about 20 years ago. Women took care of the wounded men, women also became pow's. Yet women are rarely acknowledged for their part in WW2.

Back to my original question. Does anyone know what the Germans are saying?


User Info: Highpitchsolo

9 years ago#2
It's unusual for woman to play the more violent games. And you don't have to brag about what woman have done in the wars.. We all know. Back on topic, I do not speak German.
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User Info: lazycomplife

9 years ago#3
GT- Sythierius

User Info: BleedForever

9 years ago#4
how the hell was she bragging? :?...she was just giving very valid examples to support her opinion, which I strongly agree with. There were also many very successful female snipers in the Russian military as well in WW 2. Anywayz though, I don't understand what they're saying exactly either, I've often wondered myself too. And I'm even part German lol. My great grandfather actually fought in World War 2, he was in the Wehrmacht...he was murdered in a Russian concentration camp.

User Info: mr2

9 years ago#5
Back to my original question. Does anyone know what the Germans are saying?
haven't a clue, but i would also like to know.

(and there's one other word/pharse they say all the time)

User Info: LordLeverette

9 years ago#6

Wow, that is a valid question.. I hear them saying stuff, and from all the games I've always wanted to know what the're saying. (Also, was that german trying to speak english?)

Also, not only are you a female playing a violent game, but you're married too!

User Info: LegendRyder

9 years ago#7
I don't know what this meens but I often hear them saying something like, "EN SHNIZEN!" in COD2 and COD3.

User Info: mrcod4

9 years ago#8
Theres this thing they keep saying.Its very annoying.
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User Info: Heydanbud92

9 years ago#9
i know schnell means quickly

User Info: mr2

9 years ago#10
what's that mean?
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