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Need some good XBLA RPGs.

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5 years ago#1
some info on why each one u mention is good if you may :D.

User Info: BDza

5 years ago#2
Torchlight is great if you enjoyed Diablo. You have a main town hub and then you go down deeper and deeper into the mines that serve as the dungeon for the game. What's nice is after you finish the game you unlock an infinite dungeon to keep playing with your character. It offers 3 classes and 3 pets to choose from. Lots of customizing and random rare drops to hunt for.

I got it on sale and would have paid full price for it had I known the game offered so much.

Also I know Bastion goes on sale next week, but I don't own that game so can't say much about it.
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User Info: KentF

5 years ago#3
Torchlight is pretty much the go-to RPG on XBLA, really. It's a great game - tons of loot, plenty of dungeon-crawling, and lots of skill customization for your character. My only real problem with the game was the final boss fight, which wasn't difficult or challenging or tricky - it was just long and drawn-out and not really any fun at all.

Aside from that though, great game.

Fusion: Genesis is another game worth looking into. I've been considering getting it for a while, and while the gameplay is like a twin-stick shooter, there's stats behind everything, multiple storylines (one for each faction) and a persistent online mode where you're passively connected with other players that are online at the same time in the same area. The UI is a bit confusing and could use some tutorials (because a lot of things aren't as straight-forward as the developers seem to think), but there's a lot of cool ideas there that are present even in the trial version.

Some other games with heavy RPG elements to them (but are primarily of a different genre) are Guardian Heroes, Castle Crashers and Castlevania: Harmony of Despair.

Guardian Heroes is really the pinnacle of brawler games, but really plays and feels like a fighting game with its fast-paced action and combat depth - but it has leveling up, stat customization, multiple different characters and a branching story path with multiple endings. Definitely worth looking into at least, even if it is RPG elements sown into a very different type of game. It's also easily one of the best games available on XBLA.

Castle Crashers was heavily inspired by Guardian Heroes, and is a similar type of game - except it's four-player, has tons of characters, and even a little bit of loot. Definitely a game to play with friends.

Castlevania HD is also more of an action game - it plays like the more recent 2D Castlevanias (even specifically having characters from them as playable), but without a lot of the exploratory elements. There's no leveling up (though you do raise skills for many characters through using them), but the game is a lootfest - there's tons and tons of loot and five characters with very different abilities and significantly-different playstyles between them. It's specifically a multiplayer game though (up to six players), but it only has online multiplayer, not local. If it clicks with you, expect to spend a lot of time with it (I've got something like 140 hours on one of my characters), but don't expect it to last very long if you're just playing alone, because the lack of multiplayer really drains a lot of the fun out of the game.
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User Info: CalistoCoon

5 years ago#4
Cthulhu Saves the World - Indie Game that is a parody of 16 bit JRPGs only $1

Cursed Loot- A great Rogue Like also an indie game only $1
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User Info: ARsignal11

5 years ago#5
Second Torchlight and I'll add in Bastion as well.

User Info: tremble1476

5 years ago#6
Castle Crashers - one of the best games on xbla
Dungeon defenders - highly addictive looting
Costume Quest - never tried this, but I hear nothing but good things
Bastion - never tried this either but this made a lot of top lists for 2011
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User Info: desert_santa

5 years ago#7
i luuuv costume quest ~ xD

note, play around halloween to fully get the most out of your purchase

User Info: PurestProdigy

5 years ago#8
Guardian Heroes - Really a beat-em-up with RPG elements. There are 4 characters to choose from in story mode with awesome combos that you can train in training mode, and there's 4-player co-op, branching paths and multiple endings. Tons of replay value and there's even an Arena mode where you can use any of the 30+ enemies in the game to fight other people online in a 16 player free-for-all (or use teams)

Castle Crashers - Same as above and in fact it feels like an homage to Guardian Heroes. The branching storyline paths are replaced with a world map and replayable levels. The story is more of a parody of swords-and-sorcery with Southpark like humor. You can unlock like 30 characters to play in story mode and they each have their own abilities and whatnot. There's also a few competitive minigames and of course the main story itself is 4-players online


5 years ago#9
how is bastion?heard a lot of good stuff

User Info: rickimaru

5 years ago#10
Bastion is literally perfect for what it is. The second you hear that amazing gravely smooth narrator live narrating your actions, you will be hooked
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