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User Info: jah_mon

9 years ago#71
i got rrod and fixed it permanently in about two hours. you just gotta remove the xclamps and put this thermal paste on the processors and BAM! like new.i havnt gotten rrod since.

User Info: dmsghost

9 years ago#72
Posted in another thread too, but...

So I understand that my packing label will expire eventually (about 20 days I think?) I just got the label yesterday, and it's been about 10 days in total I think. Which should mean that it'll expire in 10 days. I know that I'm sending my 360 to Texas, and with the Hurricane I'm a little worried that it's going to take a long time to get to them and that my shipping label will expire. Does anyone know if it has to arrive to them before the 20th day or if you just have to have sent it before that day? Also, does anyone think that it's going to take much longer to get to them because of the hurricane, or is that not true?
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User Info: TBIRallySport

9 years ago#74
I bought a Halo 3 edition XBox 360 used yesterday, and it just RROD'ed, I think. It showed the 3 red lights after being on for ~5 min, then I turned it off for a minute and turned it back on and it worked for another 5-10 min, turned it off and this time removed the HDD and turned it back on and seems to be working.

If it does need fixed and I send it to Microsoft because of the RROD, will I get a Halo 3 XBox 360 back, or a white 360? The whole reason I bought this one was because I liked the way the green looks better than the white.
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User Info: TBIRallySport

9 years ago#75
Quick update of sorts: my 360 ran fine without the HDD attached, and with the HDD reattached, it now ran fine (for the length of time I had it on), so it may not have the RROD problem, but just in case, I'd still like to know if anyone knows which kind I'd get back if I sent it in to Microsoft.
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User Info: Yamicody1

9 years ago#76
So what does 1 flashing red quadrant mean? its the bottom right when looking at it on its side.
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User Info: NInJabReaKa

9 years ago#77
Here's my question.

After the three year warranty has expired and I get hit with the RRoD, then what? What is the estimate of the repairs?
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User Info: DarkLink_Hyrule

9 years ago#78
Yamicody1, This problem may be caused by a hardware failure in your Xbox 360 console. So, you'll probably need to send it to Microsoft and unfortunately pay $100 to get it replaced.
Here;, this is a link to Microsoft Support, try the things it recommends.
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User Info: DarkLink_Hyrule

9 years ago#79
AzN bReAkEr BoI, to replace everything else is $100, but I don't know what Microsoft is going to do after the 3 years are up. Maybe if RROD is still frequent they will extend the warranty.
Gamertag: GrimDarkHart
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User Info: Austin3l6

9 years ago#80
I just sent in my pre-HDMI console today :\. Finally got the RRoD (October 06 console). Will I get a refurbished old console without HDMI, or a new one with HDMI?
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