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Am I the only one with Hulu?

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User Info: old_school227

6 years ago#21

From: CapnStanky | #008
A pay service that includes ads.

Most people on this board have xbox live gold which is a paid service that includes ads.

User Info: Syi_2010

6 years ago#22
both have alot to offer to be honest and alot of seperate content. Hulu plus has very horrible force use of advertising but if you are looking for certain shows not on netflix, its usually on hulu. They usually also have more episodes of the same tv content on average but those stupid advers kill it. I do really dig the way on hulu you can set up shows to play one after another without having to end and choose the next video for.
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User Info: jbike25

6 years ago#23
Things you get with DVR and not Hulu plus.

*A substantially larger amount of shows plus sports
*Fast forward through commercials
*Pause live TV
*Rewind live TV
*On screen program guide
*Record HD programming (not all of hulus content is in HD)
*No waiting 1 day and sometimes 1 week for new shows to show up.

So no i wasn't contradicting myself. Hulu plus cant compete with DVR on any playing field.
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