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Capcom has really disappointed me this gen

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User Info: Rome218

6 years ago#21
I think Capcom has had a hard time adjusting to this gen. They complained themselves when they said games this gen are very expensive to publish and thus there is a lot to lose if a game flops. I'm noticing this gen they're really catering towards western gamers. Lost Planet is a great example of that; they know shooters are popular so they started off with a third person shooter. The second one flopped badly and they're afraid to take risks. This really seems to be the gen of western developers.

Aside from Pokemon's success.. for console gaming, the stuff bringing in boat loads of money has been games like CoD, Halo, Gears of War, Bioshock, GTA/RDR, Oblivion/Fallout (New Vegas didn't fair as well as FO3 but had enough preorders to warrant a midnight release), and Mass Effect. I'm probably missing a few more western games. As far as Japanese games that has had this much success.. not sure.

User Info: RE2LeonS

6 years ago#22
TC, dude. I already ripped them a new one in my thread

Believe me I hate them just as much as any fan that used to be loyal to them.
GamerTag - RE2LeonS

User Info: LuminousSpark

6 years ago#23
RahzarX posted...
Mercs 3d is awesome!
Moto GP is the best moto racer around!
Mega Man games were sweeeeet!

I'm still not sure what you're on about, Capcom did well.

All those games you list are crap especially Mercenaries and I don't support one save file and that you can't never delete. Also I have not play and good Mega Man games since Mega Man X4 and Legends 2.
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