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Best Fight Night game to get?

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User Info: Carribean_Cool

6 years ago#1
I've only played R2, thought it was great, felt that simple is more in terms of career.
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User Info: FireFrenzy2112

6 years ago#2
Champion is pretty good. Better story than the other games.

User Info: Carydogg

6 years ago#3
R2 is still the best one overall, IMO. All they've done is pretty up the graphics.
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User Info: Moss_27

6 years ago#4
Round 2? Get real.

FNC is the top dog. The series got better with each game from FN3 on. FNC was a big leap over Fn3 and 4

User Info: cuz_im_a_gangst

6 years ago#5
I imagine champion is good it looks good but I haven't played any of it besides the demo... 2004 was the best one no doubt about it. Round 2 was excellent as well but round 3 & round 4 sucked
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User Info: IntoTheN1ght

6 years ago#6
FNC4 is the best one if you want a actual boxing game

They screwed too many things up in Champion and stripped so much away
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User Info: leezeebub

6 years ago#7
FN3 is definately the most fun.

FN4 I found to be pretty boring, I can't remember why, all I remember is not enjoying it very much.

FNC is quite good but the AI just plays keep-away during every fight and it get real old real fast (seriously, you spend more time chasing your opponent around the ring than you do actually fighting).

If you just want a fun boxing game and don't care about simulating real boxing, FN3 is the way to go. Plus you can get it really cheap now, I got my copy for £3 from amazon about 6 weeks ago.
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User Info: joker_cards

6 years ago#8
If you liked FN round 2 I'd say grab 3. Its really cheap and fun. Part 4 is cheap too. By the time you finish those you can enjoy the best, Champion and it might be cheaper when you finish those. So you win in a lot of ways.
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User Info: VoiceOfTheSoul

6 years ago#9
I haven't played Champion but R3 >>>>>>> R4. It's just too bad you won't be able to play online. My friends and I played R3 until the disc stopped working.

User Info: themerlin

6 years ago#10
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