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How long has your current 360 lasted?

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User Info: YodaCrackers

6 years ago#1
I bought my current Xbox 360 in November 2009. It is an Arcade model and has lasted for 20 months so far. It is my longest-lasting 360. How long has yours been going for?
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User Info: bluehat94

6 years ago#2
i bought my 120 gig elite in april of 2010 and its been going strong since then
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User Info: TheStarlight

6 years ago#3
Bought mine in Feb 2010 with 120GB HDD Jasper. Still working fine.

User Info: nickoman33

6 years ago#4
got mine back in feb 2010 too, or maybe it was april, either way it's been going strong for over a year.
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User Info: BigReed

6 years ago#5
I've owned 3.

1. Bought it around launch, lasted me over a year and was stolen while I was in the Army.

2. Bought a 20gig Pro after the theft because I was so bored in my downtime. Lasted me until the FF13 360 bundle came out. Bought the FF13 bundle at midnight on launch, and sold the other one.

3. FF13 360 bundle still working perfectly like all my 360's.
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User Info: MageofBlood391

6 years ago#6
Got my most recent one in November 2009.
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User Info: FeelMyBlade

6 years ago#7
Current one is lasting me 3 years so far, and still going.
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User Info: Prealienking

6 years ago#8
Refurbished xbox 360 lasting three years and showing no signs of stopping *knocks on wood*
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User Info: superhappybomb

6 years ago#9
13 months so far
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User Info: SquallWindblade

6 years ago#10
I've owned 5, only two of them died, but they both only lasted about three months so it was probably a fluke.

The rest of them have been strong for 2 or 3 years now. However long I've been married.
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