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Any of these games are worth getting? (Pretty long list)

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6 years ago#21
Wolfenstein - great singleplayer but awful multiplayer

Wanted Weapons Of Fate - if you can get it for like 8 bucks then its ok

Viking: Battle for Asgard - fun game. alot like conan but a little more open

Vanquish - very fun but on the short side

TimeShift - underrated cool game but singularity is similar and better

Terminator Salvation - generic and awful

The Club - fun game. should be dirt cheap by now

The Godfather II - repetitive but enjoyable. its cool customizing your character and followers.

Splatterhouse - awesome game. funny dialogue and great combat. also comes with the three original games for free

Silent Hill Homecoming - best silent hill since 2. great soundtrack, story and enjoyable combat. multiple endings and unlockables

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions - horrible game. bad level designs and annoying glitches and boss battles.

Prototype - ok. starts slow. annoying mission structures.

Devil May Cry 4 - lots of replay value and both characters are fun to play as. problem is the story is only like half a game with the other half being a complete backtrack through the first half. complete with same boss battles.

Dark Sector - amazing game. fun combat and beautiful graphics

Conan - very enjoyable hack and slash.

Condemned 2 - Bloodshot - first one is better. this eventually becomes a clunky fps

User Info: Zohar_Metatron

6 years ago#22
Of the ones I've invested enough time into to comment properly on:

Splatterhouse: I dug this one. It's unpolished, it has the worst last boss/ending in a video game ever, there are some problems with repetitive Splatterkill animations and mask quips, and everyone will give you a different story about their technical issues (I never encountered 40-second loading times or wonky hit detection, but I did have a freeze or two and it made unnerving noises when I tried installing it), but it's quite fun overall and has some cool homages. Jim Cummings rocks as the mask, too-repetitive combat lines or not he does a hell of a job with it. Worth looking into if you were a fan of the originals or horror films back when horror films were fun. Worth skipping if you're looking for something with a lot of technical depth and skill involved.

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel: Decent action RPG. Friggin' HUGE also. Does require a bit of patience because of that, and also because friendly "protect/escort me" AI is perhaps the worst ever.

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom: Liked it a lot. It's either Ico w/less puzzles and more combat or Zelda w/ a buddy, depending on how you look at it. Beautiful aesthetically, though.Worth a playthrough, though I wouldn't expect anything much in the challenge department.

Mini Ninjas: Also very easy, but equally as charming. It feels like an N64 games in all of the ways that could be taken as a compliment, only prettier and more polished. Definitely worth playing if you were a fan of platformers 10-15 years ago.

Devil May Cry 4: Solid game. 1 and 3 were waaaaay better. Features some backtracking (albeit with a different character using different moves to fight...well, mostly the same enemies) and a bit of grinding for skills, IIRC.

Condemned 2 - Bloodshot: Added a lot of weapons and combat options over the original game, and in doing so threw the plot right out the window. Also not as scary. It's decent, but a huge step down from Criminal Origins.

Afro Samurai: As someone else said, style for miles, but not terribly deep and incredibly short-we're talking 4 hours tops here. Fun while it lasts, though.
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User Info: Halo_Forever

6 years ago#23
This will be a long post

One of the best games on your list. Kind of Bioshock-ish half-free levels are combined with satisfying weaponry (pretty sad when the coolest sci-fi guns of this generation are in a WWII-shooter) and some decent scavenger gameplay. Also it is decently long, around 12-15 hours without feeling unnecessarily padded. Only the end boss is kind of sucky.

A decent game but pretty short. The gameplay is a mixture of Prince of Persia and Max Payne. The main flaw to me was the lack of different weapon, as it was there are only 4 different guns and it isn't enough. There are some nice distractions like the car chases and a few of the melee rushes are entertaining.

Viking: Battle for Asgard
A really spectacular combat game which features some the largest battles on the consoles (they appear to be somewhat dynamic too). It isn't unusual for the game to sport 200 of your guys rushing into a 300 man enemy squad. Apart from the climactic battles the gameplay is free roam over the island trying to free your allies, scourging funsd, liberating objectives and so forth. The cons of the game are mainly related to the lack luster amount of combos and the fact the these combos are better suited to the free roam portions than the massive battles (your char is more of a battlefield surgical strike than a Dynasty Warriors style street sweeper).

Arguably the best third person shooting on the X360 (personally I'll put Metal Arms [Xbox Original] and Red Faction Guerilla over it), it is fast relentless and lacks a dull moment. It is also very short clocking even at my playing pace at 6 hours (with deaths perhaps 7-8 hours). According to me cover shooting done right.

A decent game that for me lacked soul. It is a decent game on its own right and it ticks off all the check markers for a decent FPS, but there was something that I felt lacking. Looks pretty decent even today

The Bourne Conspiracy
Distinctly average, the hand-to-hand system is pretty interesting, but the shooting is not very good as far as I have played.

This one causes rage to me with its checkpoint system as it usually has you trudging through long and hard segments without any checkpoints (usually involving rocket troopers or sometimes a dino that can OHK you). Has some novelty for the dinosaurs and it has some more innovative guns too.
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User Info: Halo_Forever

6 years ago#24
Terminator Salvation
If you have a co-op partner and you are looking for a short and harmless but fun cover shooter, then this game fills the blanks. Solo I wouldn't recommend it as it seems to be made for 2 people.

The Club
Definitely an arcade shooter, but I found it extremely stressful, but not in the Serious Sam type of entertaining way.

Stuntman: Ignition
An overlooked gem if you ask me, it looks good and has some really cool cheats. It is pretty fun too. The game however has some of the trial and error gameplay that The Club had but I didn't find it that stressful.

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel
Seemed decent, but it is long project to be certain. The menus are a bit clumsy.

Resonance of Fate
IMO the best JRPG on the X360, it has a fairly low key story and a addicting battle system. The customization options are good and you get some serious playtime out of it (my first playthrough was 99 hours and I didn't even do Neverland or complete the arena). As an added bonus you can somewhat customize the appearance of the main characters so that they don't look like complete morons. The downsides are color palatte which is pretty brown and gray.

A decent power trip, with some iffy controls. If you hate killing civilians, don't buy it as they are complete and utter idiots who think that running into score of bladed zombies is a good idea and they will never understand to dodge your APC/tank when it rolls down the street.

Mini Ninjas
A pleasant surprise, the game is a charming take on old school more innocent adventures. Filled to the brim with small details.

Medal Of Honor
Somewhat decent in SP, the MP is completely broken with OHK snipers galore and beginners get only a reflex sight ON A SNIPER RIFLE, meaning that you have no chance of counter sniping.

Devil May Cry 4
A part of the Bayonetta-Ninja Gaiden 2 axis which every fans of action games should have.

Dark Sector
A really good looking game that suffers from the typical Gears of War-problems meaning that you can camp behind a cover and kill most of the enemies with that. The boss battle subvert that a bit.

My favorite God of War-clone. As long as you are fighting humans the combat system in entertaining, but some of the bosses can be pretty annoying. The game has three different fighting styles (single weapon, dual weapons and heavy weapons).

Condemned 2 - Bloodshot'
Still creepy in the first half of the game, but then the story goes completely bonkers and the tension lessens as a result. A pretty unique game still and the crime investigation got a major overhaul so that now it is really satisfying to solve the riddles.

Afro Samurai
Decent fighting game, but honestly I'd pick Conan over it.
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