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Can't join live parties with one person....

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User Info: DarthBob_Jr

6 years ago#1
Hey everyone, has anyone ran into anything like this?

I have open nat settings, ports are forwarded, I have no problem
Joining sessions in progress but I can't join parties/match making groups with 1 person in them, 2 or more is not a problem, except for one player, who I can sometimes connect to.

Any ideas?
(message deleted)

User Info: Fustmonkey

6 years ago#3
Probably a problem on that one guy's end. But if you want, I can assume it's your end:

open nat settings

A good sign but not really an indication that your network is set up the best way it can be.

ports are forwarded,

I'd have some questions about if you made static IP addresses, that can cause problems more than help. Instead, you should be reserving the IP address in the router's settings instead of making it manually on the 360. Should be left to automatic on the 360 and it will keep getting the same IP address if you reserved it. If you can't reserve on your router, then that's all the more of a sign to NOT make it manual on the 360. In that case I would leave it automatic and turn up the lease time as high as it goes and forward to the ports that it automatically assigns, and with the lease time turned up it will keep getting that same IP address for a long time. then just keep an eye on it.

Also, if you're forwarding ports you shouldn't forward port 80 or 53 like the guides say. That goes for the PS3 too. Ignore that in all the guides you follow.

Also, do you have DSL? If so simply forwarding the ports may not have been the best fix. Having the router in PPPoE mode is the first thing I would look at, then forwarding the ports.
Fix your NAT:
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