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If this video doesn't get you into DJ Hero....

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User Info: Brucebee

6 years ago#21
so lame :(

User Info: HajimeNoIppo

6 years ago#22
Terrible Video.

User Info: Shy420

6 years ago#23
RE2LeonS posted...
I almost cried when I saw his naruto head band

I cried when I saw the DJ's name

I understand liking an anime, liking it a lot. But to name yourself after a character and dressing like 'em, I don't know. I guess whatever brings you joy but you have to realize you look like a nutter.
"Things aren't different. Things are just things." -Wintermute

User Info: paulink

6 years ago#24
I've been supporting DJ Hero ever since it came out. At first I was kinda hesitant, being published by activision I thought it was going to be a terrible game, but it's really a fantastic experience and the sequel is even better. It was a shame to see the game die out because it was unwarranted and unloved :(
"Yo bronx, stop being a turbo nerd and go outside." -FAT____MAN

User Info: The Waynos Bum

The Waynos Bum
6 years ago#25
In the second one, I like how his plane was lating coming in from China making him late to his own show.
Canya a l'Europa del capital!

User Info: ShawnKemp40

6 years ago#26
Is he Asian?
Champ...Champ! Looked like you two were doing the Jitterbug, while he Dallas secondary were doing the Charleston

User Info: bossk5

6 years ago#27
The douche overpowering...can't
Welcome to Gamefaqs, where for some reason it's ok to bash Americans continually without fear of penalty. I guess we don't count as people here.
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