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Just watched this video. When are game going to be considered art?

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  3. Just watched this video. When are game going to be considered art?

User Info: Koelker12

6 years ago#1

Now, I liked the first Bioshock, but it's not one of my top 10 or anything. But this! Holy hell, it blew me away!

Games have come so far. Seeing this one in action made me look at all the other games that've come out recently or are on the way. There's so much money, effort, and creativity put into these games now that I'm surprised it hasn't become the new Hollywood. I think it's going to happen. And soon.

I'm still reeling from that video.

User Info: WackyDwarf2010

6 years ago#2
It's funny you bring this up. I recently read an article in either OXM or Game Informer about an exhibition opening up somewhere (I think in NYC, but it's very possible I'm wrong). This exhibition details what are considered to be the best games from each generation of game consoles (and pc too, I think). Sorry, I really wish I had a link for you.

So apparently games ARE now considered art.
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User Info: JKSonic

6 years ago#3
The problem for a lot of people is that video games are first and foremost a business. Just look at EA or Activision (or Capcom or etc etc etc) and their practices. Just look at their "screwing over the consumer just enough to get their money but not too much so as to lose the customers" attitude.

What the people who have this view fail to realize is that usually as soon as artwork is known it also becomes a money making business. If it was not, the artists would give their stuff away for free or put on free galleries where nothing was allowed to be sold but allowed pictures to be taken.

Art, for the most part, in every area is about making money. Did Michelangelo do the Sistine Chapel for free? No, he was commissioned...
"You shouldn't be asking HOW things are, given that we already know there is something..but rather WHY things are, as opposed to there being nothing."

User Info: Koelker12

6 years ago#4
Which point are you trying to support?

Yes, videogames are a business and the goal for the company's is to make money. But Warner Brothers and Paramount are the same in film, and publishers like Penguin do the same for books. Music and Record companies are the same too. Yet writing, music and film are generally understood to be a serious medium for art.

How long before videogames are looked at the same way? When will there be an Oscar or Emmy type event to recognize the greatest? Some of the world's and characters created in games are stunning

User Info: Arucard05

6 years ago#5

From: Koelker12 | #004
When will there be an Oscar or Emmy type event to recognize the greatest? Some of the world's and characters created in games are stunning

Those are our equivalents. Sure they're not as big, but they'll get there.

I'm a big "games are art" guy. But I stopped caring about when everyone else will think they are. If game devs want to be taken seriously, show us why you should.
Our only enemy is the status quo. Our only friend is chaos.

User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
6 years ago#6
They already are from my understanding.

Hasn't the Smithsonian officially recognized video games as art?

That right there would mean they are already considered art and it is not something that we need to wait to happen.
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User Info: bluehat94

6 years ago#7
some of them are but there are some that really shouldnt be ala duke nukem and every call of duty after 4
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User Info: MAK0S

6 years ago#8
Art is subjective. Some games will be universally recognized as art once all the old critics that have never played a game die.
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User Info: ChiliPup

6 years ago#9
It's not like games would ever have something called an "art director", right? *rolls eyes*

This has to be the most ridiculous debate on gamefaqs, yet it pops up every week or so. The evidence is entirely one-sided, yet there always seems to be a few who will argue against it anyway.

I've said this before, and I will say it again. The day that video games can be created by a development team completely void of artistic and creative talent and ability... is the day that games will not be considered art. But since a hefty amount of those things are absolutely required to make games, it's pretty clear cut.

Besides, the most basic part of a game... the "game world"... is, in itself, a more realized, three dimensional (in most cases), virtual extension of a landscape painting.
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User Info: Koelker12

6 years ago#10
Well, it's one-sided because we are on Gamefaqs. A forum for videogames.

I guess as already stated; it won't be universally accepted until all the old popular critics die and people from our generation take their place.
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