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Duke Nukem Forever was a fun game

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User Info: johnnyboy24

6 years ago#1
I rented it from redbox, and beat the game in a day and got over 800 gamerscore also. It had some challenging parts, but it lasted me 2 days (Pretty much non-stop playing) and I had a great time. Pretty decent length, a lot of variety (underwater missions, driving, puzzles, etc) not just shooting. There was some crude humor, but it was never over-the-top. You want over-the-top crude humor, play bulletstorm.

I am glad I rented the game, because aside from playing for more achievements and using the cheats I unlocked, I really dont care to play again. But what I did play, I enjoyed pretty greatly. Not earth-shattering, but fun.

I'd give it an honest 7.5-8/10
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User Info: thegrinchypoo

6 years ago#2
im 28, i want this game for the nostalgia but i dont want it for the game itself

i was young when i got the original on a dx-66, in the same year i got a pentium 90 (was a while after release iirc) and hammered it

even bought it on xbla, tbh i'll prefer to keep duke as the memory of fun it was when i was younger than ruin it with a subpar duke that was "more fun" by using the xbox30achievements guide
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User Info: jon davis

jon davis
6 years ago#3
another day, another DNF reassurance topic...
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