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How's the original Fable?

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User Info: ParadiseRegaind

6 years ago#11
Fable: The Lost Chapters is excellent and one of the best titles for the original Xbox. The original version (and the one available for download) is good, but is incomplete and not nearly as satisfying as the expanded version.

Fable II was a massive step down, but it wasn't terrible. I still put a ton of time into it and got 1350/1350, but it was a step back for the series. Own III but have not played it yet..
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User Info: MAK0S

6 years ago#12
Easy repetitive trash.
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User Info: Treewaller

6 years ago#13
I see Fable: TLC at HMV's all over the place around here for $13 new. I keep meaning to pick it up.
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User Info: PurestProdigy

6 years ago#14
The Lost Chapters is at least better than Fable 2. A little research tells me the original without TLC is slightly better then II based on what they added to TLC

User Info: LotrMorgoth

6 years ago#15
shield +slow time = no dmg during arena

but seriously Fable was great and TLC was excellent. 2 and 3 really killed the series for me
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User Info: Gobizku

6 years ago#16
MAK0S posted...
Easy repetitive trash.

This. I can't anti-recommend this game enough.

I'll never understand how a boring and extremely generic action/rpg got such rave reviews based purely on the hype and people actually believed it.
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