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Games that dont have autosave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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User Info: Red_Chair

6 years ago#1
MAKE ME RAGE. i Just played 10 hours of saints row 1 thinking it was autosaving. They never try to shove the save feature on you so I assumed it was saving automatically. NOPE. What a waste of time.

User Info: seb03

6 years ago#2
That is more your fault than the game's, just assuming it was autosaving. Read the manual!
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User Info: Red_Chair

6 years ago#3
Who the hell reads manuals!
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User Info: Supernautus

6 years ago#5
People who want to know how to play the game read manuals.
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User Info: Treewaller

6 years ago#6
No manual saves makes me rage. My Fable 2 and Assassin's Creed saves are both unplayable now thanks to autosaves after stupid glitches.
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User Info: Foppe

6 years ago#7
Wont all games with autosave tell you to not turn it off while it autosaves the game?
And people who knows that not all games got autosaves reads the manual.
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User Info: headwounds13

6 years ago#8
Come to think of it, I can't think of very many auto saving games that don't explicitly tell you that there is an auto save function, and what to look for while it's saving so you don't turn your console off. As a result, my assumptions default to manual saves unless I see a message telling me otherwise,

User Info: CyricsServant

6 years ago#9
Treewaller posted...
No manual saves makes me rage.

Yeah, auto-save only makes me paranoid. I've had games, like Fallout 3 and New Vegas, where my auto-saves have glitched and been rendered useless.

User Info: Arucard05

6 years ago#10
Yeah it is mostly your fault TC but that still sucks. What game doesn't have autosave these days?
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