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How's Arcania Gothic 4?

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User Info: AshWilliams78

6 years ago#1
I loved Gothic 1 - 3 so I'm wondering if I'll like 4. I keep hearing bad things which is why I'm curious.
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

6 years ago#2
if you loved 1-3 you will be VERY disappointed in 4. the leveling has been uber dumbed down. the world is much more linear even going as far as the second half being literally a corridor. The combat while serviceable is very hack n slash similar to fable. Its visuals are pretty good, but runs horribly on 360(think 15-20fps normal).

i recommend getting Risen instead if you havnt. its the true successor to Gothic. tho get it on pc is possible.
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User Info: Chargrilled

6 years ago#3
risen is a good game, but dont get it on 360. its awful compared to even arcania or divinity 2.

as for gothic 4 linearity, its ok for a large chunk of the game (say about 10-15 hours) then suddenly its like the devs started rushing and an entire half of the island is very linear indeed. almost final fantasy 13 linear.

in comparison to risen its about the same as far as linearity goes. risen is quite linear aswell. not much you can do on mountainous islands. and risens island is smaller.

two worlds 2 has a massive area to explore, and is open world. its very possible to go to places where youll get slaughtered because you arent supposed to be there.
its not bad on consoles, but the motion blur and camera bob are annoying on consoles and its harder to switch them off unlike pc.

if you can get arcania for a cheap price (say about $10-15) then you cant go far wrong.
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