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fallout 3 doent work?

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User Info: DARKSTAR6195

6 years ago#1
I saw a similar post about fallout 3 suddenly not working anymore and i made me think that my situation might not be as isolated as i had thought. ok heres the story.

my fallout 3 stopped working about 2 weeks ago. the game is in really good shape too (ive owned it since release, and i take care of my things) it keeps saying "the disc cannot be read" after about 10 min of playing. the thing is, ive installed it to my HDD and it still gives me the same dsc cannot be read message. I went to gamestop and bought a used compy of the game and that one didnt work either... its not just happening when i try to load an existing game either, it happens when i start a new game too so i dont think its a corrupted gamesave file. my 360 is a 4gb slim i boutght about 3 months ago, so im pretty sure my hardware isnt the problem. has anyone else had problems with this game lately?

User Info: Geist

6 years ago#2
Never heard this before. Hell I've logged in over 800 hours since FO3 was released and never had a disc reading issue. Are you sure it's not your 360? Just seems odd that you would get two discs in a row with this problem.
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User Info: DARKSTAR6195

6 years ago#3
yeah, i thought it was odd too, but this is the only game my 360 has problems with. it might be a harware issue, but I would think that it would be struggling with other games aswell. not a huge deal, ive got new vegas to take care of the occasional urge to play fallout, but I really liked FO3 better...

User Info: lord_rye

6 years ago#4
I had the same thing happen to me with oblivion about 4 years ago. It was just oblivion for a few weeks then it happened to all my games then i red ringed.
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User Info: DARKSTAR6195

6 years ago#5
... great haha. thanks for the help anyways.

User Info: CheeseSauce13

6 years ago#6
Is your Xbox connected to the internet? I had this issue with Oblivion a few years ago and it was due to the game needing an update. I hadn't connected to the internet in over a month and when I did the first thing that popped up was telling me to update and then the problem was gone. Seeing as how they both Beth games it would make sense. Try that and then see if it's all ok.
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User Info: Shy420

6 years ago#7
Take a very close look at the ring in the center of the disc, hold it up to the light and see if there are any fractures in the ring. I know from experience that some games that are used oftend will get stress cracks in the center ring. It due to both removing the game from the case and spinning. If there are fractures your game will sometimes work then once it gets warm you'll get DRE's. Any solution I would offer is a TOS violation.
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