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Is this a good deal? lt

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User Info: SlainDane

6 years ago#1

Just wondering if the price is too good to be true, or if it's too high?

User Info: Duwstai

6 years ago#2
For a used xbox its not worth it.

Just buy a new xbox for 200 and buy Mortal Kombat somewhere else (Ive seen it for around 40$ already). Plud hdmi cables are like 2 dollars. You would only be saving like 20$ and getting a used console in return.

Terrible deal.

Plus I think Best Buy gives a 50$ gift card with purchase of new 360s so you could actually even beat that price easily.
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User Info: chocoboblue99

6 years ago#3
Personal I would never buy it. You're buying from a person on CL, so there's really no returns or exchanges. I'm not sure if you will get the receipt for the warranty either. Finally, the price is too high!

The only good thing is that it's a slim and not a fat. If you wanted to buy a fat, I would say HELL NO!

I checked the Best Buy deal. It's for the 250gb slim and not the 4gb slim. Not sure if you wanted to get the more expensive model. I think the 250gb model is overrated. It's very possible to get the 4gb model and buy the 250gb HDD for cheaper. Or, you could get an older FAT HDD and crack the case and put it into the slim as well.

As for buying Mortal Kombat. You could buy that anywhere for $40. It's okay to buy that on CL because it's just a game. Just check the disc before you buy it.
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