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Scariest games on 360

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User Info: Cave_Lion

6 years ago#1
I need some Scary games.

User Info: odogs4

6 years ago#2
Dead Space 1, Fear 3, Condemned 2.
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User Info: bluehat94

6 years ago#3
FEAR, FEAR 2, Dead Space, Dead Space 2 other than those there are no other games that are really scary, FEAR 3 really didnt capture the scary parts that the first two had
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User Info: Similac

6 years ago#4
Dead Space 1

User Info: ReeG

6 years ago#5
I think Dead Space 1 and the first Condemned (is this on 360?) are the only truly scary games I've ever played. The sequels were too over the top to be scary, but still good games.

Fallout 3 had its moments.
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User Info: Cave_Lion

6 years ago#6
How is Homecoming

User Info: CapnStanky

6 years ago#7
Try Not To Fart

User Info: Loozar

6 years ago#8
Dead Space scary? For maybe the first 30 minutes I guess
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User Info: rollingdead

6 years ago#9
Dead space 1 has it's moments of fear , the atmosphere and location of the whole thing is great . just an awesome game .
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User Info: luke1001

6 years ago#10
Condemned and that's it.
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