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How is the dpad on the 360S pad

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User Info: Oemenia

6 years ago#1
How are the dpads now, I know the 360S pad was a changed from the older black controller but have some of the issues been resolved, is it easier to do diagonals and more precise when doing circles?
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User Info: Keverlasting

6 years ago#2
Controllers that come with the 360 s are the same. Just different color nubs IIRC. It's still annoying to go diagonal.

User Info: knightimex

6 years ago#3
Oemenia posted...
How are the dpads now, I know the 360S pad was a changed from the older black controller but have some of the issues been resolved, is it easier to do diagonals and more precise when doing circles?

I can win 10+ ranked matches in a row on Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD remix with little to no effort using only the D-pad.
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User Info: SpiritRover

6 years ago#4
From my experience, the new Black d-pad with shiny silver guide button has been improved. It's more springy than before, it responds better, and the d-pad no longer gets jammed randomly on the inner ring that surrounds it.

They've made some tweaks to it for sure. I own 4 white launch controllers (2 wired and 2 wireless). Since buying a 360 S model, I now own the newer black wireless and a secondary black wired model. The difference is clear for me on fighting games and certain XBLA titles.

User Info: J90074

6 years ago#5
I own the silver controller and IMO it's almost as good as nintendo's d-pad for the wii and ds.
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User Info: Oemenia

6 years ago#6
@ SpiritRover

Ah okay, well ive got the second batch of white controllers (got them in 2007 before the HDMI 360s) and i used to dpad fix. The four main directions work fine but diagonals and circles are difficult, how is it on the newest batch of black controllers and how does it compare to the silver transformable controller.
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User Info: NeoGeoXSega

6 years ago#7
I'm using the newer Silver one & the d-pad does feel better.
I could pull off the moves in MvC2 about 90% of the time vs like 60% with the old white controller.

In fact, a lot of the mistakes could be just me.
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User Info: keniption

6 years ago#8
The only problem about the D-Pad on the pro silver controller is the fact that after heavy use the thing will snap off.

Mine broke during MK and I used it a lot with SFIV. I checked my friends out which he doesn't use much and I can see in the middle of the D-pad it's starting to crack.

I love the controller but the problem is the D-Pad is plastic. The spring is putting pressure on the middle of the D-Pad the whole time you're playing. So eventually it'll break. Don't believe me? Look it up.
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User Info: SpiritRover

6 years ago#9

I did the D-pad mod on my white controllers too. As a fighting game fanatic, it was mandatory for me. When modded, the pad worked much better than out of the box, but it still left a bit to be desired. I could still get screwed over with some inputs not registering on one of the controllers. The new stock D-pad that MS is putting out there nowadays has definitely been tweaked. The MvC2 test works to highlight the difference in responsiveness. MS should have had their D-pad as functional as it is now in the first place.

For the record, I haven't used the transformable controller at all. After gaming on every major home console for the last 20+ years, I discovered just how much better a good 8-way pad really is. Therefore, I wouldn't want to buy a controller just to change the pad 4-way. The Sega Genesis 6 button arcade pad's D-pad was phenomenal. But the best of them all for me was the Japanese Sega Saturn controller D-pad. MK-80116 is the model number to the best digital gaming controller ever made. 4-way or "plus style" d-pads are no substitute for either of the two aforementioned controller d-pad's. I despise Sony's D-pad and don't get me started on the Dreamcast's (what the hell was Sega thinking?).

Anyhow, it's worth a shot, my friend. If you have a preference for Sony's D-pad or anything similar to that, then I don't think you'd ever be happy with an 8-way pad, regardless. The fact is, the launch 360 controller's horrible responsiveness and poor production value really gave 8-way pad's a bad rep. It is MUCH improved now. Even at kiosks, (if you can find a controller that hasn't seen much wear from grubby hands), you will feel the difference. Though I prefer to use a stick, I can get Dragon Punches and fireballs off effortlessly now with the black stock controller.

User Info: Oemenia

6 years ago#10
Yep the 6-button MD and Sega Saturn have had the best d-pads of any controllers. And yes the DC controller was horrible, it simply didnt have enough buttons to play many of Sega's Arcade games. I ended up getting the Black controller since the Transforming one has poor reliability.

So far the d-pad is hugely improved but there are still some issues with pressing down and right which sometimes dont register as they hit the sides. Fortunately, doing circles is way easier than it was on my modded pad, in fact doing circles is thought to be easier on the 360 than the PS3.

Diagonals is still an issue, but if you hit it hard enough, it registers almost always though hitting it lightly only makes it register down. Im thinking of doing the mod just to alleviate the down and right issues, would it making the d-pad looser and so make doing circles more tricky?
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