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The Golden Age of gaming is now dead forever.

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User Info: merkhava

6 years ago#41
davelicious posted...
What's really going on is you are just getting old and growing out of video games...

In reality... games are better than they've ever been before... they are more immersive, more dynamic... and there is a wider range of the types of things you can do in games to increase playability.

If you had the games available to you today back in 1997 you would be so much more enamored with them...

I think you are just jaded... and growing out of your interest in gaming.

I would be in denial if I said that wasn't true. I feel like I've played every video game out there and I haven't come across anything in recent memory that was as immersive as things I've played in the past. I am looking forward to Skyrim'll probably be one of my last though. It was definitely fun while it lasted.
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User Info: merkhava

6 years ago#42
I think it's difficult to explain what I'm trying to say, but I'm damn sure that I'm not the only gamer who feels this way. I'm sure they've moved on from gaming and I will too. There's no point in discussing this further. I was only hoping to get feedback from gamers who maybe had similar sentiments, but instead I got an avalanche of aggression.
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User Info: DakhanavarX

6 years ago#43
merkhava posted...
Wow, what was I thinking trying to "discuss" video games on a video game message board?

I can't figure out whether the gaming industry actually changed to keep up with this idiotic attitude that a lot gamers now seem to have, or whether the change is what is causing this idiotic attitude.

Sure, you can have your opinions and I can have mine; I don't see anyone actually stating why they feel different. It's just an endless stream of useless posts with unwarranted personal attacks.

I'm done.

BTW, when do you kids go back to school?

I can't speak for all posters, but I certainly provided completely civil counter-points (With plenty of "why"). Try not to blindly brand us all as idiotic.
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User Info: Iwantedzero

6 years ago#44

From: merkhava | #042
I think it's difficult to explain what I'm trying to say,

Because nostalgia is not something you can put a finger on.

From: merkhava | #042
I'm sure they've moved on from gaming and I will too.

Yeah, and that's because games today can't remind you of your endless summers and dancing in your pajamas. Wait ten years and crack open your copy of Halo.
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User Info: GinsuVictim

6 years ago#45
The golden age died when the arcades disappeared.
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User Info: Geist

6 years ago#46
You got an avalanche of aggression because you topic reeked of that old man trying to figure out the rock of the youth mentality. You're so high on your own opinion you can't possible consider that maybe you've let the nostalgia bug hit you in the butt.

I've been gaming since home consoles first went on sale. There are many games in the past that I think are great and memorial. But I would not once try and say they are better then current games. Today's game from a graphic, technical, and game play point of view blow every generation out of the water. Sure games from the past might have great memorial stories, but so do many of today's games.

Don't blind your self to that fact because you remember you old game fondly. We all do, but it does not make them better, just fond memories. If you really want to test that fact, go play FF7 again all the way through. I guarantee you it will not be as spectacular as you remember.
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User Info: DrunkenJin

6 years ago#47
I don't think anyone will like a game from over 10 years ago who has not lived through that age. Same way kids in ten years will not enjoy games of today.

I just think games like xenogears and SotC will hold up better through the ages then most games of today(I'm not saying I don't enjoy a lot of games that are out now)

People don't give any games a chance now a days. Games like deadly premonition and way of the samurai are tossed aside and mocked because of dated designs or graphics.

People tried to improve on silent hills design and removed a lot of made that game amazing. They made it a more action/combat type of game and took away the puzzles and survival horror aspects.

/rant over
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User Info: Iwantedzero

6 years ago#48

From: Ginsu Victim | #045
The golden age died when the arcades disappeared.

Yes, the golden age of gaming died when we were no longer forced to go to a dark and smelly building and put twenty five cents into a machine in order to get three lives at an impossibly difficult game.
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User Info: DyingPancake

6 years ago#49
Arucard05 posted...
From: DyingPancake | #030
Except the Call of Duty campaigns have always been amazing
Yeah they're are pretty good. It's the only part of the games I play.

It's the industry standard now of how a good campaign should be

As in set pieces, story, action, and different gameplay elements

Not saying they were the first to do it, but they're some of the best at doing it and alot of FPS's go off of that design. Which is a good thing imo
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User Info: DarkKnghtAnon

6 years ago#50
Merkhava, since you seemed to ignore my post ill ask again, whats your GT?
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