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Scratched my disc! What a jerk!

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User Info: kiwikush

6 years ago#1

I've looked up this problem before, but I didn't find any real solutions. Only advice to prevent this from happening...

Anyways, like, two or three years ago, my wonderful Orange Box disc was eaten by my 360. And no, the system was never ever touched while the disc was inside. But, it received a beautiful ring around it.

A few days ago, my boyfriend's brother's CoD disc suffered the same fate. Different 360, different game, different year... but I wake up in cold sweat, panting in the middle of the night when I recall how close it was to having been MY new Dance Central.

How mad it makes me. How helpless I feel! If my 360 destroys my game, shouldn't the blame lay on Microsoft's shoulders? Shouldn't I expect them to refund me for my losses? Losing a brand new $60 is something to mourn over, and I'd hate for that $60 game to turn into a $120 game because XBox ate my disc!

I've read up on the best ways to prevent this from happening in the first place. But I'm a'scared and I want to know what I can do if this ever happens again in the future.
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User Info: poultrygeist1

6 years ago#2
Agreed. I think it's BS, and at the very least Microsoft should have some kind of return policy where games that have rings eaten into them can be shipped in for a new copy. It's the least they could do for their flawed hardware (which they didn't even fix with the xbox slims for some reason).

Inb4 irrational people blame you for the problem. Nobody shakes their consoles while the disk is spinning on purpose, accidents happen. And the fact that no other game consoles have this problem means that Microsoft should be taking some responsibility.

The least I can suggest to you OP is to not stand your console up, if it is, and installing your games if you can, so they won't be spinning as much.

User Info: Zashule

6 years ago#3
You do know that is fixable right? If you have a Play N Trade nearby they can buff it out for $5, most pawn shops can too. I see a couple of these each week due to pets, light bumps, etc...
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User Info: FlightRisk359

6 years ago#4
LOL@Dance Central
^< Die are you kidding ?!! I ain't got time to die

User Info: superhero94

6 years ago#5
FlightRisk359 posted...
LOL@Dance Central

LOL@This kid
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