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What game started the HD collection/remake craze?

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User Info: blue_rellik

6 years ago#41
HD Collection craze of today was started by God of War collection.

Remakes have been done in the SNES days with Super Mario All Stars.

User Info: Enix Belmont

Enix Belmont
6 years ago#42
Yeah, its god of war.

And my computer with an emulator running my original game disc looks better than the HD collection, so I find it hard to care about most PS2 rereleases. Halo at least is a new layer of graphics, MGS has a PSP game in HD(with better controls for camera Im guessing), and silent hill could be decent with new mocap and voice overs...but most of them I find it hard to care about.

User Info: Aragami777

6 years ago#43
Zashule posted...
ninja rabbit posted...
Super Mario All Stars with those advanced SNES graphics

I was hoping someone came up with this answer, for it is the correct one. Remastered soundtrack, 16 bit graphics, it was amazing at the time!

All Stars is an example of an early remake but it wasn't part of a trend or a craze and certainly has little impact on HD collections coming left and right today. So it's not the correct answer at all.
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User Info: deathsaber79

6 years ago#44
Actually, far as I remember, Nintendo was one of the first with Super Mario All Stars- re-releasing Super Mario 1 through 3 with SNES level graphics. Ninja Gaiden got the same treatment as well.

Some people get hostile to this notion, but nobodies making you buy the games.

Capcom definitely did it best by making RE-make essentially an all new game, even though its technicaly the first RE- though it had new environments, enemies, voice acting, virtually everything was all new, other than the basic plot itself.
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  3. What game started the HD collection/remake craze?

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