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Never owned a Sega Genesis, How awesome is Comic Zone

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User Info: LoveMyPS3

6 years ago#1
Played the demo and thought it was pretty neat idea. How long is the game? Is it any good?!
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User Info: Busta Dust

Busta Dust
6 years ago#2
gimmicky, gets old very quick. I'd recommend just buying genesis collection, it comes with all the games. has tons of rpgs you can shink many hours in...shinning force 1 and 2, phantasy star, and other few has the sonic's....and a few other sega games such as streets of rage........and even comic zone
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User Info: AlmightyDrizzle

6 years ago#3
I thought the game was awesome. Still love it to this day. Its not that long, but it is difficult. It only takes about 30 minutes to beat if i remember correctly. But it will take you plenty of dying in order to beat it.
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User Info: Nate_Dihldorff

6 years ago#4
SEGA Technical Institute made awesome games.

User Info: VoiceOfTheSoul

6 years ago#5
I loved comic zone when I was younger.

User Info: shagadelic

6 years ago#6
God, that game was so ******* hard. One life, no continues.

It's a good game, though.

As someone said, get the Genesis collection.

User Info: UnknownREPlayer

6 years ago#7
You do get continues in the game its very few from what i can tell, and you get 2 to 3 of them as you progress through out the game, that or every chapter you complete gives you one. The problem is that the game has little to almost no way of telling you. I have never used more then 2 myself so I'm not entirely sure how many you can actually get, but its around there.

The only way I have noticed that you are going to continue is if when you die, the main character Sketch ( I think that's his name not sure) says (Is this the end?), if he says this you are going to get a continue. If he says something like (The End, Game over Man) then you will not be continuing.

If your are into Beat' em Up games and are in look of a game that's a decent challenge, its not that bad of a game for its price. You can also get it included in sonic's ultimate genesis collection as part of a compilation of games which is another way of getting the game, that is unless you just want the game by its self which there is nothing wrong with that either.
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User Info: McDohl MR

McDohl MR
6 years ago#8
No one's spelled it right yet: Comix Zone.

But yeah, it's awesome. One of the best games I owned for Genesis, hands down. Really short, but really hard.
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User Info: dannyaq

6 years ago#9
I remember wanting to play this game so badly when i was a kid, but alas I had an SNES. so when I got the sonic genesis mega collection, this was the first thing I wanted to play. I was sooooo disappointed. game is the bad kind of frustratingly hard, the kind thats a hold over from the days where you couldn't save games. and its like a half hour to beat the game... if you don't die and have to start over, or cheat and use the save state.

It's only worthwhile if you have nostalgic memories of the game, other wise pass. or get the genesis collection if you feel liuke playing some other classics.
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User Info: HighOnPhazon

6 years ago#10
It's not a very good game. It was one of those games Genesis owners tried to pass off as a good game, like Vectorman, when in reality it was horrible and they all wanted to play Super Metroid.
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