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Best Buy Gamer's Club Deal (Buy 5, get $100)

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User Info: PacificCoastHWY

6 years ago#1
Anyone hear about this? I may do it since Rage, Battlefield 3, COD, Madden, Skyrim and many other good games are included, but was wondering if theres any exclusive bonus' that other places have? If not, I'll just pre order all these at Best Buy

User Info: GollyFluff

6 years ago#2
I'm sure amazon will have $20 credit for each of them making it a better deal.
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User Info: EvilCactus

6 years ago#3
With Best Buy, you don't get the $100 credit until a month or so after you pay for the fifth game, so you will need to put up $300 in cash.

With Amazon, you'll get $10-20 of credit after each game ships (and you are charged) so that you can apply that credit immediately to the next game, saving you anywhere from $40-80 in cash.
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User Info: robinhood1331

6 years ago#4
I took advantage of this today, especially with the 50% more on trade ins. Traded in 6 games and got $129. Will end up selling the certificate or something when I get it.

Saints row 3
Sky rim

Each one comes out to like $22. If you have some stuff to trade in, take advantage!
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