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Whatever happened to Rainbow Six?

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User Info: LoveMyPS3

6 years ago#1
Terrorist Hunts were mad fun brah
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User Info: RyanBraun8

6 years ago#2
Both Vegas games were the bee's meow!! Definitely the best implementation of cover in a FPS to date.

User Info: DarkStar643

6 years ago#3
in the most recent Sent u a message on Live they said that the next Rainbow Six is in production and is going to be set in New York
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User Info: BigFH

6 years ago#4
Why are so many games set in New York? Why not Chicago, Miami, or perhaps Los Angeles?

User Info: Lightgamer

6 years ago#5
Many games have had Los Angeles as a setting almost as much as New York. Chicago and Miami sound more fresh.
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User Info: saintsfan

6 years ago#6
New York is more of a financial, cultural, and political center than Chicago and far more so than Miami?
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User Info: vidalmoraza

6 years ago#7
Vegas games are great, very fun games....
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User Info: kcudytsur

6 years ago#8
i been depressed cause it looks like t-hunt style coop is dead. all this horde style crap makes me sick.

man i was so excited when i bought a 360. i was a little late, graw and graw 2 where out already. all the coop dlc graw 2 had made me think the future of this kind of coop was bright. i bought vegas then vegas 2 came out shortly after and that game is just hands down the best i have played on 360. the t-hunt and level up system was amazing.

why let it die? why they couldn't have a very small team make map packs(t-hunt and versus) for vegas 2 until the next rainbow??????????? ISN'T THAT COMMON SENSE?

where did those people go to business school????

instead ubi dabbles in garbage like that jet and rts games i can't even remember the names of and no one cares about. whats wrong with those people?

looks like they don't know what they doing with the new ghost recon either.

ya, i know get a gaming pc bla bla bla.


sure arma 2 bla bla, but red orchestra 2 does have a t-hunt style coop but its not official it will even come to 360.
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User Info: pburgh36

6 years ago#9
they should have one of angry cleveland fans marching to miami
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User Info: TheRavenKC123

6 years ago#10
BigFH posted...
Why are so many games set in New York? Why not Chicago, Miami, or perhaps Los Angeles?

Vice City - Miami
San Andreas - Los Angeles

Unless you were just referring to FPS games.
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