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So whats YOUR theme.

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User Info: SnowFox7

6 years ago#81
The old Sonic the Hedgehog theme from back when they had the old blades dash. :D

User Info: johnnystickman

6 years ago#82
Prince of Persia movie theme
"Being a Virgin is a Virtue. Not an insult...." - mphull08
GT: rogue agent310

User Info: pakathecat

6 years ago#83
Fable III; the castle matches up well with my avatar since I have her wearing the crown from that game.

User Info: alexander9

6 years ago#84
Premium Fallout 3 theme. My cousin actually got it while over at my house because I don't pay for themes or avatar items, and I have to say it is actually pretty awesome.

User Info: Tenth

6 years ago#85
the old (is it old enough to be old yet?) Castle Crashers premium theme. Only one I ever bought, because it was the first XBL Arcade game I REALLY liked.
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